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Brett "The Scud" Rudd

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15 October 2019

NZV8 Ute Championship

The Scud has decided to get amongst it again in the NZV8 Ute 19/20 Season. Although at this stage only committing to two rounds we expect his elbows up pushing for podium results.

The Scud has achieved many results in this category over the years and should fit back in like he never left. Keep an eye out the Brett The Scud Rudd this coming season!!!

ROB VAZEY is looking to compete in his third Western Springs season.

After a good second 18/19 season, Vazey finished 8th from 16 in the Rolling Thunder Championship which had the drivers compete at three tracks. Palmerston North Robertson Speedway, Kihikihi McDonalds Speedway and the famous Western Springs Speedway based in Auckland.

In the Western Springs Championship Vazey ended up 11th overall from 24 competitors. 

Pallet Supplies Racing

22 September 2017

Western Springs Speedway

Pallet Supplies Racing enters Speedway

After many months of preparation, PSR is happy to announce the team will be competing at the Western Springs Speedway this coming season. Rob Vazey will be at the wheel of the 35a Sprint Car, with Blair Davie as crew chief, with Brett Rudd and Mark Sanderson accompanying  him in the crew. More will be revealed in the coming weeks... The team launch is set for October 6. 

Pallet Supplies Racing

9 March 2017

NZ V8 Ute Racing  


After what must be considered as a stellar performance for a newcomer to Motorsport, Brett The ScudRudd is stepping away from the Porter Group NZ V8 Utes after six seasons of racing.

Coming into the series in 2011 as a complete rookie with no previous experience in any category, Rudd was relatively quiet on the tarmac finishing the season in 11th position overall. Then, after a rapid and challenging learning curve he and his team rehashed their operations to immediately become genuine category challengers.

But now with the 2016/2017 season coming to a close this weekend at Hampton Downs, Rudd has decided it will be his last outing within the category – and the experience has not been lost on him.

“My first race was at Pukekohe and I finished 11th. That wasn’t an issue for me but with the reverse grid system I had to start my second race from up front. 1.8 tonne of V8 Ute with no racing pedigree and no knowledge of the circuits or how to deal with them. It would be fair to call it an eye opening experience” explained Rudd.

“I was shitting myself to be honest. Then Race 3 came along and it was raining hard. Utes were crashing everywhere and they called the race off. I think that’s where I got my water wings from!”

Whilst this first run presented him with the accolade of Rookie of the Year, it was his second outing in the Pallet Supplies Holden across 2012 and 2013 that would provide a much more pleasant experience by finishing 4th overall.

“I spent the off-season doing a lot of club meetings and training with various experienced drivers like Mike Eady, Andrew Waite and Jake Stoneman. I was also getting great support from my team, especially Blair and Gary Davie who are Motorsport veterans. I learnt a lot”.

That final season position just behind the much more experienced campaigners put a large amount of confidence into the team and come 2014 they were knocking on the door of a Championship win, falling fractionally short in points to claim second behind the veteran Australian Champion Kris Walton.

“We’d come a long way in a reasonably short time. Walton had won the Aussie V8 Ute Championship and to do that you have to be good. He was on track to win the NZ series in the same season. We had good prep and continued to focus on just being consistent. While we didn’t win the biggest trophy, taking 2nd and benchmarking myself against the best was a fantastic opportunity”. 

From there it was more of the same – chasing down drivers with way more experience and seat time.

“That forth season. We were close again but if you’re going to lose out then doing it to Sam Barry is ok with me. He is a genuine nice guy and a cracking talent as shown in the V8 Touring Cars now. I was happy to come 2nd to him”.

It was at this point in the career when ‘The Scud’ felt the pain of Motorsport after he had his worst season so far.

“2016 we had that short three-round season to get the calendar matching with the touring cars and TRS etc. It was a disaster. We were constantly on the back foot, slow and chasing setups. In the end we found a major horsepower problem with the engine and there’s nothing that could be done at the time. We finished 7th in the Championship and that’s not the position we had been working so hard for”.

In this his final season of NZ V8 Ute Racing, Rudd has certainly come to realise the ups and downs of Motorsport – but he feels that there is more he can do.

“I’ve enjoyed it yes, the teams and drivers have been a lot of fun and I got to experience the buzz of racing at all of the New Zealand circuits – none of them can match the joy I got from racing at the Bathurst 1000 though. That is most certainly the highlight of it all. Having done it I can certainly appreciate the skill-set of the top drivers around there. I have a new respect for them all”.

And it is experiences like the Bathurst weekend that will keep Rudd in a racing seat somewhere at some stage.

“The highs and the lows, like at the Pukekohe round of the V8 Supercars. I had both there. I was leading a race after qualifying on pole and on the last lap I lost the lead to Kris Walton. I held him off for 7 laps but couldn’t get the job done. However I also had a highpoint at last year’s Supercars round. A full house of spectators, live on TV both here and in Australia and I came from 10th to win the race ahead of Paul Manuell and Matt Spratt – that one is embedded in the memory banks forever. But I need to take some time out now, go do some boating and spend time with the wife. But I’ll be back, I certainly don’t want my belated racing career to be defined by just the Utes, it’ll be something with more horsepower and fatter tyres I reckon!”

Rudd has certainly grabbed a fair taste of Motorsport in just a handful of seasons, and like so many others he now has an itch that will need a fair bit of scratching, most likely in endurance races. For now though he is looking to simply end his Ute racing career on the biggest high possible by piloting 1.8 tonnes of racing machine around Hampton Downs for the final time.



 Pallet Supplies Racing

6 December 2016

NZ V8 Ute Racing  


  Brett 'The Scud' Rudd left the opening round of the Portergroup V8 Utes in a strong position tied for 2nd overall on the points table and was somewhat pleased with the initial outing in front of a large crowd at Pukekohe. This becomes more so knowing that Taupo is not a traditional points haul for himself and his beloved Holden.

 "Taupo has always been tough for me. I'm unsure why and I've never been able to properly tame it. In saying that I finished 3rd overall at our last round there but that was possibly a fluke!"

 The taupo event will be the first run under the new promotions arm for New Zealand motorsport and is set to have a solid run of categories throughout the 2 day event, this of course includes the Portergroup V8 Ute Series. For Rudd though, it matters very little who is in charge of operating the event as long as he gets to race.

 "The Ute series has been under a few different umbrellas over the years and regardless of who is in charge we get to race, that's the main thing. I'm looking forward to being a part of it all again. I just have to stay focused on my job and as always I want a really good points haul before we go to the South Island, just like everyone else does".

 However Rudd is not so certain that points will come with any ease.

 "Taupo - for the Utes anyway - has always been a Ford track. It's a swings and roundabout thing though because there are tracks that suit the Holdens better too. It would be good though if every track suited every machine equally. Us Holden boys just have to lift our game that's all"


And there are a lot of Holden teams willing to step up to the Challenge.


"Manuell, Spratt, Ward, Moore, Urquhart, the list goes on. They're all going to be hard to beat. The series is really close as we proved at Pukekohe and there will be very little room for errors. Plus the likes of Collinson in the New FG Falcon, he and the Taupo circuit will be a good combination".


The Holden field currently leads the pack from 1st to 6th but Taupo may change that dramatically. And with drivers such as Peter 'Kaos' Ward racing in the Australian series it puts more pressure on the front pack. 

 "You can't get better practice than seat time in the actual races. I can play on the simulator all day long and it just doesn't match actual real racing. Yes it helps with familiarity of the particular circuit but it's never going to match what Wardy is doing. He will be hard to race - harder than normal I think!"

 Difficulties aside Rudd and the crew have prepared the Ute to the best of their ability and are keen on a dry weekend at Taupo.

 "There might be a few reasons that make the Taupo journey tougher than most other tracks but no excuses. We have our routines and systems and will be ready to drop the clutch at the first green. We're as prepped as anyone can be". 


The tightened 2 day event sees Qualifying and Race 1 on Saturday followed up with Races 2 and 3 on Sunday.


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1 November 2016

NZ V8 Ute Racing  


 There will be a fresh new look for Brett 'The Scud' Rudd when he tries to tame Pukekohe Park Raceway this weekend.


 Coming out of the special '3 Round' season back in early 2016 Rudd and his team were left scratching their heads and looking for answers to solve their relatively poor performance and overall results. Compared to previous seasons the team had what could only be described as a shocker, and it wasn't until they delved deeper into the machine itself that they found a major issue with the engine, being heavily down on power. 


"It was a fairly frustrating last season" states Rudd, "we were never in the game and I didn't know if it was me, the setup, or the Ute. I'm glad we found the problem in the engine!"

With the problem found and a solution in place Rudd used the off-season to race in the North Island Endurance Series to both test the V8 Ute, and to give himself some required seat time.

"We needed to test and the Endurance rounds were perfect for that. It gave me time behind the wheel as well which is always a handy thing".

With the problems and the distance racing now out of the way, Rudd and the Pallet Supplies Racing team get to focus on the refreshed season of V8 Ute racing, which is back to a six round series covering both North and South Islands. It gets underway this weekend as a support category to the Australian Supercars, and to mark the occasion Rudd has decided to make a bold change in appearance and attitude.


"I spoke with the team last year about doing something different and we just left the ideas on the table, but when we spoke about it again while prepping for this upcoming season it was interesting that yellow was an instant decision by everyone".


It is certainly a major change for The Scud who has been in a red rocket since his first outing with the category, but he thinks the change will be a fresh boost for himself and the team.

"It was time for a change, and even though it's only the graphics package it really sparks you up. The previous colour and styling had us voted by the fans as the best looking Ute on the grid - I hope they like the new one!"

But a new colour doesn't win you races and the entire team is fully aware that they have some ground to make up from last time.

"Pukekohe is the best start for us. It's my favourite track and we've had really good results here - especially in the rain. But everyone is on the same plan, make a good start and then you don't have to spend the rest of the season chasing. There's a lot more pressure than a regular weekend though because the Supercars bring in the crowds and no-one likes to fail in front of a big audience!"


Rudd also wants a successful weekend as a tribute to his long standing sponsors like Loscam and Yale, but in particular for ITM Whangarei and Bay of Islands who become an extra special part of this particular event more than others as Rudd openly explains

"To give racing a good shot you need good partners and the ITM team have been with us all the way. It's a massive weekend for them as they are part of the overall event naming holders and to give them some good results on the track would be a real bonus. I'm doing it for all of them as much as for myself and the team".


It wont be an easy run to cross the finish line in front of his fellow competitors but it seems that Rudd is looking forward to the attempt with more enthusiasm than ever before.


Pallet Supplies Racing

19 February 2016

NZ V8 Ute Racing  

Reflections after two

Whilst overall the special short season for the NZ V8 Ute Series has not gone to plan for Brett ‘The Scud’ Rudd, it is not all doom and gloom from behind the wheel. The mid pack finish for Manfeild was acceptable in his mind, especially knowing that for various reasons the battle was going to be tougher than the normal seen across the last two seasons.

The first of those reasons being the 16 Utes on the track, the most for the series in a long time, and Rudd was excited yet a...ware of the challenges.

“There were some fairly experienced campaigners lining up for a run. Former NZV8 Champions Manuel and Booth, and previous Ute Champion Chris Hanley. Then there was Ward and Urquhart, plus the local veteran Geoff ‘SOS’ Spencer was back. So I knew it wouldn’t be a a gentle stroll in the park.”

But not only did he have to try shrewdly deal with the extra competition, he also had to exorcise the demons from the previous round.

“I came off a really bad round at Ruapuna and I needed to redeem myself. I feel that I managed to get the mind-set right for that. But with the Ute revival that’s currently going on it was fun racing in the bigger field, which in its own way made me forget about the previous outing.”

The chances were there to finish higher than 6th overall for the weekend which is a promising sign for future outings, and even though the season itself will not garner any major silverware there is still plenty of positives to take into the next challenge.

“I was really looking forward to Manfeild because it’s a great track with generally good crowd support. The racing was very clean and if it wasn’t for my tyres going off in the last race after the safety car I could have taken 3rd ahead of Huggi – in the end I had to settle for 6th. The reverse grid race was good for me too as I started 11th and finished 5th. In the end that’s not bad considering it was only my second time racing there. It’s all confidence building stuff because the final round of the season is at Pukekohe and then we are changing tack slightly by competing in the endurance racing series.”

Currently sitting in 11th place on the Championship leaderboard with virtually zero chance of making the top 5, Rudd along with the rest of the drivers take a break for a few weeks. Together they will be looking to finish the season strongly in April at the fast and furious Pukekohe circuit, a track where Rudd has had plenty of success - yet knowingly again to be facing off with some talented and experienced competitors.

Pallet Supplies Racing

20 January 2016

NZ V8 Ute Racing  


“One to forget” is a good way of summing up the opening round of the 2016 V8 Ute season for Brett ‘The Scud’ Rudd who had only one finish from three races at Ruapuna this past weekend.

In a round where nothing went right for the Pallet Supplies Racing team, Rudd’s only finish was a lowly 8th position, and it was nothing to be proud of due to it being self-inflicted with a late spin that dropped him half a lap back from the main pack.


“We didn’t seem to have pace all weekend” bemoaned Rudd, “we had a faulty steering bush that gave the ute the shakes and we didn’t find it until after practice 2, qualifying was a non-event as we were 2.3 seconds off the pace, Race 1 we blew a front tyre, Race 2 we had the racing incident where I was pushed into the wall which ripped out the suspension, and then there was that spin during race 3.”

In typical Rudd style, he is very open about what went wrong, and not looking to blame anyone else for his misfortunes.

“Race 2 I thought I was in with a good chance for a result because I went from 10th to 3rd off the start line in the wet, but it never ended that way. I really wanted it to rain hard but the track kept on drying out. I fell off the track in Race 3, it was my own doing, but we weren’t in the running anyway. I wanted to mix it up this weekend, but just ended up mixing with ourselves.”

Rudd had taken 2nd place in the Championship the last two seasons, and on paper was one of the expected front runners for this shortened 2016 season, but as we are all aware, motorsport is incredibly fickle, and luck can play a nasty hand.

“I must’ve done something bad to cause such bad luck, and now we are so far off the chase we are simply going out there for pride now. But as always we will continue to give it our best shot and not make it easy for the guys up front.”

The Utes have a very short break before returning to the track at Manfeild on February the 13th and then the final round on April 16 at Pukekohe.

Pallet Supplies Racing

2 November 2015

NZ V8 Ute Racing  


Brett ‘The Scud’ Rudd has had a welcoming change placed on his progress towards the top of the V8 Ute Racing Championship with the return of Pukekohe Park Raceway to the schedule – where he and his fellow competitors will be a support category to the Australian V8 Supercars.

 Originally scheduled to be in the support mix, a business decision from V8SC had the V8 Utes dropped from the fight card and replaced with the Ssangyongs, however due to a lack of competitors the GTRNZ category has recently pulled out of the event and the call was made to ask the Holden and Ford boys if they could put November 6-8 back on their calendar.

 Going into the previous round at Taupo as second place holder on the Championship ladder, Rudd was hoping to close the 22 point gap between him and Sam Barry, unfortunately it expanded instead and has now moved out to a 33 point deficit, a points gap that he would have had been looking to catch and pass with only the single and final round at Hampton Downs remaining.

  Now, with the Pukekohe event back on the calendar, Rudd is hoping to gain momentum at what is arguably his most successful circuit, and by doing that, slowly claw his way into Barry’s lead and hopefully put some pressure onto his rival when the final round at Hampton comes along at the end of the month.

 Having tasted the spoils at Pukekohe before, which includes leading the way in the Trans-Tasman Trophy battle held with the Australian competitors last year, Rudd is under no illusion as to what his goals must be - that being to at least grab back the points he lost at Taupo. 

 And as Rudd often does, he wouldn’t mind a bit of rain either, although whilst he seems to revel in wet weather racing, it is not essential, as across the last thirteen races held at Pukekohe the stats have him finishing inside the top five a total of ten times, and it includes a good handful of top three spots.

 It’s those kinds of results that need to be repeated, to not only chase down the points leader, but to stop the pursuit from those following in behind like Matt Spratt and James Urquhart, both of who are also racing quickly and competitively this season and would be quite happy to steal away as many points as they can.

 It could be quite the pressure-cooker round, with each and every one of the competitors knowing that any points an opponent gains have quite possibly been to their own detriment.

 The test for Rudd and his V8 Ute Racing compatriots will begin as the first track outing for the ITM500 with their single practice run starting at 8:20am on Friday, followed up with qualifying at 12:05.

 They race once on Saturday at 10:00am followed up with two races on Sunday at 8:50am and 12:15pm.

For those who are unable to attend the event, the ITM500 will be live across all three days on Sky Sport:

 Friday 10 – 3:30

Saturday 9 – 6

Sunday 8:30 – 6



The UDC V8 Ute series has today confirmed that it will be one of the support categories taking part in the forthcoming V8 Supercar event at Pukekohe over the weekend of November 6, 7 and 8....

A late withdrawal by one of the scheduled classes provided an opportunity for the V8 Utes, who will now race at the event as the fifth of their six 2015 championship rounds. A strong and competitive field of fifteen or more Holden and Ford racers is guaranteed at both Pukekohe and at the series big final showdown at Hampton Downs at the end of November.

An expanded field raced at the weekend at Taupo Motorsport Park at the first of the new Premier Motorsport Series events, and UDC V8 Utes had no less than four new drivers on the grid.

"The Pukekohe Supercars event has long been a showcase for the New Zealand V8 Ute racing series and there is no question that we are delighted to be back again, even at late notice," explained category manager Paul Isaac.

"There has been huge interest in our category now that motorsport has turned a corner with the new Premier Motorsports Series and there is a lot of work going on to increase the number of vehicles racing in the series. The first signs of that were on show at the weekend at Taupo. Supercars will give a further impetus to that and we are very confident that we will be providing plenty of great racing and entertainment to the fans who will be there and who we know love the V8 Utes."

Pallet Supplies Racing

15 Oct 2013

UDC V8 Utes




Pallet Supplies Racing is due for glory and the 5th round of the UDC V8 Utes to be held at Hampton Downs is the target in Brett Rudds sights.

The crew are not only confident that Rudd can finally stand aloft on the podium, they feel that he is deserving of it, given that he is currently fourth in the Championship standings without having a trophy to put in the cabinet.

It is certainly a bizarre feeling for the entire team to be in the position they are yet without any silverware to show for it. However dwelling on such thoughts will do nothing towards changing that, the only way to solve that minor predicament is to be up the front end of the field.

As Rudd explains, they have the package ready to go. “The Ute is in perfect condition, and if we keep the consistency shown so far this season not only will we continue to clock in the valuable points, we will be in with a shot to get our hands on the elusive silverware”.

The field is noteably strong for the weekend and it can often be the simple things that provide the needed inspiration. For Rudd that comes from being part of the Hankook Super Series and racing at the same venue as the V8 SuperTourers. “Having so many top touring car drivers watching on certainly provides a bit of motivation to do well” says Rudd, “but it also has the flip side of putting extra pressure on you, even if they don’t end up watching!”.

So far this season Rudd has been able to handle plenty of pressure from the very experienced drivers directly around him and he has been able to turn that pressure into points, so he feels there is no reason for that to be any different this time around.

Being so close to the two drivers ahead of him on the points table means that he is unquestionably in with a good shot at overall honours, and the true fact of the matter is if you were to look at it openly, it would be the other drivers that have the pressure on them to perform. Being motorsport there is of course a bit of luck that comes with it, but in only his second ever season of motorsport Rudd has worked out already that you can also make your own luck, and let those around you make the mistakes.

Pallet Supplies Racing

8 April 2015

UDC V8 Utes

That classic sporting tag of ‘home town advantage’ is something that Rudd is willing to work with this weekend at the third round of the UDC V8 Ute Racing Series. The field returns to the northern zones after their jaunts to Timaru and Christchurch last month - where both rounds were polar opposites for the Pallet Supplies Racing team.

“Timaru was not a good start to a season” remarked Rudd “but Christchurch made up for it in a big way. Now we are racing back on our home trac...k at Pukekohe and I know it seems obvious but I need to ensure we keep that momentum going.”

However while the track may be new to the Australian contingent, Rudd’s Kiwi compatriots know it as well as he does – and they can also call it home.

“It’s going to be the same story at every round where I can’t focus on how good or bad the other teams are going, just my own driving. But I do enjoy Pukekohe, especially in the wet!”

This weekend’s mixed weather forecast could possibly provide those strangely favourable conditions for Rudd, who has proven over the last four years that he has an almost unnerving synergy between himself, the Ute,the rain, and wet tarmac.

“I know it sounds strange to wish for wet weather, but it works for me! But in saying that, yeah, we’re in a positive frame of mind after Christchurch so rain or shine we’ll be ready to go.”

Taking the spoils from the last round and trailering them back to Pukekohe is easier said than done though, and Rudd and his crew will need to be nothing less than 95% on their game if they wish to take another good points haul. Home track advantage can deliver unwanted pressure and an expectation to perform, but that also goes for the other Auckland based competitors, and it also brings forward different mental games.

“We’re now 2nd in the Championship and while I don’t have to focus on chasing and moving up the ladder from further back, I do have to concentrate on not falling back down. We’re in the hunt but could just as easily lose it.”

Rudd will practice on Friday before the Saturday morning Qualifying run which as always is the first real gauge of how a weekend could pan out and he will need it to be positive due to the very hungry chasing pack.


Brett ‘The Scud’ Rudd has walked away from Round 2 of the UDC V8 Ute Racing Series with the best results possible by taking not only his first ever race win, but the round win as well.

In what could best be described as highly challenging conditions, Rudd was able to master the slippery and cold track surface better than his opponents.


“It certainly wasn't easy” stated Rudd after he found out that he had taken the round win. “It was dry and hot for all the practice sessions and qualifying, and then on race day the weather just turned nasty. Grip was minimal but thankfully my team gave me a hot-rod in the wet so I had something to work with.”

The satisfaction of the weekend achievements were larger than normal given that the conditions required more concentration and more driving skill than would be seen on a regular sticky and dry surface. It was also appropriate that Rudd’s family decided to make the trek down to Christchurch from their home base in Auckland as they were able to watch the occasion unfold in front of them.

“We had tears” said Lisa Rudd, Brett’s wife and the most ardent supporter among the fan base. “Every single one of us had welled up.”

Rudd’s results were in fact more than just satisfactory, they were quite stunning. Race 1 was a win after starting from 4th on the grid, Race 2 was a 3rd placed finish from a rear of the field start, and the final race was completed with a 2nd position across the line. In all, the weekend was full of champagne moments. With the previous round at Timaru being one to forget, it was a complete turnaround for the Pallet Supplies Racing Team and a welcome one to say the least – none more so than the driver.

“It’s no secret that we failed at Timaru. But using that old cliche of full credit to the boys is exactly the right one. They were the ones that gave me the machine, and lucky they did because going around this circuit during practice it was like I was here for the first time ever. It’s been so long since we last raced here that I’d forgotten everything about the place.”

Now the series returns to the North Island tracks starting with Pukekohe in April.

“It's home track time now and I really need to back this up. A first race win topped off with a Round win is something you never forget and to do it away from home in the wet with such fantastic drivers around me is really cool, but I need to get back into points gathering mode and think about the overall Championship. But yeah, I’ll never forget this weekend.”

Now the Ute will return to the Auckland based workshop of Stoneman Race Tech to undertake its regular maintenance schedule, the trophies will go with Rudd to sit for a while in full view, and the team and driver will sit back and be thankful that the retirement from the series was so short lived.

Pallet Supplies Racing

8 March 2015

UDC V8 Utes     


Brett ‘The Scud’ Rudd and the crew are stating the obvious when they mention they are looking for more consistency on the track this weekend at Ruapuna. Having had a genuine ‘up and down’ season opening round at Timaru, they simply want to keep the good from that weekend and ditch the bad.

“It wasn’t the ideal way to start” Rudd explains, “It was a mixed bag of issues from setup to driver and sometimes you just don’t get it right. However we are confident that we can be on par with the rest and there is no need to panic or chase ourselves yet.”

Given that the UDC V8 Ute Series has not travelled to the Christchurch based circuit since 2013 a lot of the turns and segments will be almost foreign to the returning drivers – and completely unknown to the many debutants.

“I guess we have an advantage over the new guys since we’ve done laps there and they haven’t, but it’s a very small advantage and they also  proved at Timaru that being new doesn’t mean they will be at the back of the pack.” Rudd stated clearly.

In fact if anything, it could be argued that the previous round results have place unwanted pressure on the older contingent of drivers who should have known the intricacies and nuances of the track - that could apply to Ruapuna as well.

However that doesn’t really wash with Rudd. “I can’t think about any of the other drivers, the new ones or the established ones. How good or bad they drive or how they learn or remember the circuit is nothing to do with me. My job is to drive that Ute as best as I can, so worrying about the other guys is silly. The boys will give me the best machine possible and then it’s up to me. I’ve always used their efforts as my motivation, I won’t be changing that.”

The Scud heads into the round 6th on the Championship table which seems to also be giving him secret motivation. “We are in 6th which means we are chasing instead of fighting, I need to fix that.”

Pallet Supplies Racing

30 February 2015

UDC V8 Utes




After finishing his third season in motorsport with a second placing overall in the UDC V8 Utes, Brett ‘The Scud’ Rudd and his Pallet Supplies Racing Team were set to hang up their race gear and go into semi-retirement mode, focusing solely on special events such as the NZ round of the V8 Supercars. However as the summer months rolled on, both Rudd and his crew were getting increasingly itchy about the decision, finally reaching a point over the last few weeks where they agreed that the racing and camaraderie would be missed too much by all.


The decision to return to the series has been welcomed by his racing peers who enjoyed the tough on-track battles from a driver with arguably the least amount of racing experience.


Dubbed ‘Mr Smooth’ by many due to his very calm driving style Rudd was able to claim the second placing in the Championship by focusing on points, not on glory.


“My plan is to continue where I left off from last season” says Rudd, “so not much has changed. The Ute has been fully checked and refreshed, panelled and painted, and the majority of our sponsors have stayed on board, some even in a bigger way which of course is appreciated. It’s more of the same for me, go as fast as possible, stay clean and clock up the points….although a couple of wins would be great!”


Whilst normally operating under their own banner, this season will see Pallet Supplies Racing utilising the trackside garage of Stoneman Race Tech who help with the maintenance of the Ute between rounds. SRT supply the main engineering team for a handful of the Utes at each round but Rudd will continue to use Blair Davie who has been the guiding light for Rudd since day one.


“Watching him grow from a rookie into a race car driver over the past three years has been hugely satisfying and developing his talent is a real focus for us this season” states Davie. “He's a smooth, analytical driver and it's great to see him gaining momentum with every race. It's a family sport for us - we're all behind him 100 percent and we're excited to see what this year brings."


Although already slated as one of the favourites for the title this year Rudd is keeping that idea away from himself. “The series is well run, the other drivers are all good guys and I’m looking forward to the lights going out in Timaru. I would like to thank team manager Rob Vazey, Head race engineer Blair Davie and of course my wife and family for their full support in my decision to return for another season. Let’s just go racing!”

Pallet Supplies Racing

1 December 2014

UDC V8 Utes




After claiming 2nd outright in the 2014 Championship season Brett ‘The Scud’ Rudd is saying goodbye to the UDC V8 Utes – at least for the immediate future.


In only his third ever season of Motorsport, Rudd has steadily improved by moving from a rookie placing 11th in 2012, to a 4th overall in 2013, finally ending with a 2nd just behind the expressly paced Kris Walton.

In his short tenure behind the wheel Rudd has competed at all the major racetracks around New Zealand which by default also included the Hamilton Street Circuit with the V8 Supercars - that latter event having the personal bonus of a podium. And of course there was the venture to the hallowed grounds of Bathurst in 2014.


On his race stat sheet it will show a handful of podiums and a single race win but for Rudd that singular win did not count. The faster man was given a penalty for an earlier race infringement which moved Rudd onto the higher spot of the Dias – it was taken but not celebrated. And whilst there are no regrets from Rudd in any aspect of his short racing career, it would be foolish to think that he wouldn’t be reminding himself now and then about any potential wins that had slipped from his grasp.


“I’m sure I’ll look back occasionally, but when most of my potential wins were really only this season and I was losing to Walton I’ll just remind myself that there would be no-one better to be beaten by - he really is the master and I was happy to be in the fight with him.”


‘The Scud’ will now be hanging up the helmet from regular season racing to refocus for a while on other items in his world. He has a rather large bucket list, with the top items clearly marked.


“Having recently bought the family business plus buying another similar operation in Christchurch the first thing I need to do is put my full focus on business matters whilst the economy is good. My wife has also backed me 100% over the last 3 seasons – I’ll probably pay her back now. And who knows, maybe the second half of 2015 will allow me a few chances to go for a play!”  


He will take plenty away from his 3 seasons within the category not only the learning curve of racing itself, but also the making of many new friends and the unexpected but welcomed extended family.


“The team has made some good friends since joining UDC Ute category and we are family. It’s generally been a whole lot of fun but not so much when we lost one just before the previous round. I was incredibly humbled to win the Peter ‘Rocketman’ Robb quiet achiever award, a new prize in memory of our mate. It was great to see his family at the track and at the season prize giving.”


While his immediate racing future in a full series is on hold Rudd is genuinely undecided on any cameo returns for special events such as support racing at the V8 Supercars or another dash on Mt Panorama.


“I might take it to the odd club meet and I will keep thinking about the supercar event next November, and Bathurst? Well, I still feel I can do better at the mountain so let’s wait and see what the latter part of 2015 brings ay!”.

Pallet Supplies Racing

26 November 2014

UDC V8 Utes




Brett ‘The Scud’ Rudd will head into the final round of the 2014 UDC V8 Ute Championship in second place on the points table – and that is a slim but workable points gap between himself and third placed Mike ‘Buzz’ Lightfoot.


With only 7 points separating the two competitors, and Lightfoot returning to form after a less than satisfactory mid-season, Rudd knows that his reputation as ‘Mr Clean and Consistent’ will be needed more than ever at Pukekohe if he wants to make this season one to remember.


With no chance of advancing up the points ladder, Rudd needs to ensure he doesn’t drop down, and the only way to do that is to stay out of trouble.


“As we have done most of the year it’s about finishing well and picking up good points.” states Rudd “This starts with qualifying and then hopefully a kind marble draw, but the main thing is about maintaining a consistent and clean drive across the entire weekend. I need to keep calm, and just hold my own racing line. If I do that, then the points should look after themselves.”


There is of course still the issue of not yet having a genuine race win in the series, and it is something that while played down, is certainly in the minds of the entire team as Rudd explains.


“Well the entire team returns to Puke confident because last time we raced here which was the ITM 500 we were fast. Bagging pole in the wet and then a couple of second places made for a fairly epic weekend. Certainly for me to get a genuine first across the line taking that chequered flag for a win would be excellent pay back to the team, and yes I want it too so I’ll be peddling hard!”


There will be no change to the system that has put Rudd into the second spot on the Championship table as the routine done by his crew has proven itself to be successful so far. His small but functioning three-man team have specific roles that each member understands and controls, which saves them from having to cross fingers in hope.


The final round of the UDC V8 Utes season kicks off this Friday with two practice sessions, continuing with qualifying and Race 1 on Saturday, culminating with Races 2 and 3 on Sunday.

Pallet Supplies Racing
5 November 2014
UDC V8 Utes


Even though it was done the hard way, Brett ‘The Scud’ Rudd still did all that he asked of himself across the last round of UDC V8 Ute Racing, as he was able to leave the Hampton Downs circuit as the stand-alone position holder for second spot of the Championship.

A few rounds ago Rudd was third equal but after some solid driving he moved up the ladder to hold second – yet he had again equalled with another competitor – but finally he is now able to clearly state that he will be running solo when he attends the final round at Pukekohe at the end of November.

“I was never overly concerned about sharing positions” stated Rudd, “I just knew I had to continue with the consistent theme that had got me to where I was. In Race 1 I started on pole and got away from the rest of them but each time I looked back I could see Walton slowly peeling through. I was hoping the boys would hold him out longer however once he caught me I was more annoyed with myself for giving up the lead so easy to him. I missed a gear, this aided his pass.”

On paper Rudd ended up receiving the win as Walton was penalised for an early misdemeanour, and whilst that was officially Rudd’s first V8 Ute win, he considers it a ‘claytons’ win and doesn’t want to claim it.

The marble draw for Race 2 meant a reverse grid and it had him starting from the back, but the game plan was the same as always. “To make as many places as possible and finish” claimed Rudd. “It almost came to fruition because I got a good start picking a couple of spots immediately. However in Turn 5 on the first lap Ward hit Spence and Spence tagged me just as I was passing them both for 5th and the contact bent the steering arms etc. I consequently and frustratingly finished 7th. But on a high note for that race it was great to see Huggi get his first win!”

Knowing the points for the round would come down to a clean Race 3, it ended up being another case of hard yards. “Race 3 was again frustrating, starting off grid 4 I moved to 3rd straight away. Then after 3 laps of close racing I was being held up by the Ute running in second. I was going pretty quickly but we came together and again my steering was damaged - it was all over from there and for the rest of the race it was purely about survival and bagging some points. I limped across the line 9th.”

It ended up being one of the only rounds where the Pallet Supplies Team sustained damage during a race, so in a way the reputation of being ‘Mr Clean’ might now have gone – albeit none of the incidents were of Rudd’s doing.

“I’m just happy to come away clear second, even if only just, and I love Pukekohe, we will be fast at the end of the month.”

Pallet Supplies Racing

20 October 2014

UDC V8 Utes



 A week on from Pallet Supplies Racing epic adventure to Mt Panorama and the buzz is still being felt by Brett ‘The Scud’ Rudd’ and his team, and although the

weekend was not entirely hassle free the end result quickly faded the initial setback.


Rudd was to feel the bite of the Mountain during practice session 2 on the Thursday when he hit the concrete wall hard on the winding descent down from Brock Skyline, and the initial thoughts from Rudd was that his weekend was over.


“At first I thought bugger they’ll red flag it and I’ve screwed up practice for the rest of the boys but they continued under a local yellow. I was stuck in the car against the wall and I was busting to go check how bad it was. When I finally got out it was straight into the medical car and I had to wait for it to come off the mountain on the back of the tow truck to see it. It was then we saw how bad it really was. However in typical Aussie fashion the Peters Motorsport team were straight into it, and then a local panel shop opened up on Thursday night for us”.


While there is plenty in common between the Oz and NZ Ute Series, one of those special items is the way that teams will work all night to repair, in readiness for racing the next day. Quitting was not an option, and a team of eight worked through the dark hours to have the Ute back for Rudd’s Friday qualifying session.


“The boys performed an all-nighter finishing it at 6.00am Friday - just two hours before we were due out for qualifying. That was a tremendous effort on their behalf. I was a little more careful on the track in qualifying and I was definitely slower at the dipper! I ended up qualifying 23rd from 30”.


From then on it was all business, and the Scud completed his allotted tasks of racing against not only the experienced Australians, but racing the Mountain itself.


A week on from the pilgrimage and the mind is still racing, with a bit of disbelief thrown in for good measure.


“Looking back now there are some great memories, almost to the point where I can’t believe I have actually done it. Rod & Chris were excellent Aussie hosts who made me and the rest of the kiwi’s feel part of their team. There is a lot of organising goes into running five V8 Utes at Bathurst and those boys do an awesome job. The biggest lesson I learnt is to always respect ‘The Mountain’ – because guess what, if you don’t, it will bite you”.


Rudd now continues his New Zealand campaign with an extra - albeit invisible – tag on his race suit:

‘Bathurst Survivor’

Pallet Supplies Racing

28 September 2014

UDC V8 Utes




A calm self-belief in his driving ability has moved Brett ‘The Scud’ Rudd into second place overall for the UDC V8 Utes Championship.


Going into the latest round after a long winter break, Rudd was sitting in third equal position with a plan to cement that spot as a minimum by the time he left the Taupo circuit on Sunday evening.


While the weekend produced highs and lows for most of his competitors, Rudd was able to stay safe, clean and straight during all three races and due to that he has walked away with fourth overall for the round, and moved himself one step up the ladder into second equal alongside Mike Lightfoot.


“We stayed out of the carnage of that one and I simply had to keep my eyes forward” stated Rudd after the first race of the weekend. That mild demeanour was evident throughout the weekend with his driving and was also reflected by his knowledge of the Championship point’s situation. “I don’t worry about the points leading up to the races or during; I just wait till after the last race and see what happens. I do have a rough feel for where we are but I don’t analyse it too hard. We are there or thereabouts and that’s good enough for me”.


Rudd was quietly confident of a good result in Race 2 as he would start from Pole, and it would be a wet race, a scenario that he enjoys driving in. “Honestly I was glad to start at the back of the field in Race 1 as there would be some pent-up tension from the long winter break, but getting to be on Pole for the second outing in the wet suits me just fine”.


Rudd did not go on to win that race but was pleased to take second place after losing the lead in the final laps to the current Championship leader Kris Walton. “I was sad to not win, but he was quicker and he eventually grabbed the inside line down the back straight. I figured it was smart play to let him have it, and for me to keep the consolidation going”


He then went on to finish the final race of the weekend in 5th and that was enough to keep his fight for a top-three Championship placing intact, yet it seems he is quite willing to go racing. “With Mike picking up good points as well this weekend it’s going to make it interesting when we head to Hampton Downs. I’m looking forward to keeping my spot on the table”.

 Pallet Supplies Racing

 8 September 2014

 UDC V8 Utes



Brett ‘The Scud’ Rudd and the Pallet Supplies Racing Team have spent a fair bit of time over the winter break refreshing themselves and the Red Rocket in preparation for a return to the fray of the UDC V8 Ute Racing Series.


When the team was last in action back in April as a support category for the V8 Supercars at Pukekohe, Rudd was able to leave the round in a Championship fighting position, cementing himself into 3rd overall, that came from taking 2nd overall for that round, and the honour of the Trans-Tasman Title by being the first Kiwi home – giving the Australian visitors plenty to think about.


That result, along with some small but slick changes over the break comprising of components and a snappy new graphics package, has put Rudd and the team into a good headspace.

 “With the new upgraded gearbox and clutch in place we are now on equal footing with the rest of the pack” says Rudd. “We’ve given the rocket a general freshen up, but so too will all the other teams be doing the same thing”.

 There is however another aspect to Rudd’s game that he hopes will allow him to take an advantage into the weekend that he didn’t previously have, that being his run in a V8 Ute at Bathurst with the Australian Series.

 “I’ve been doing five days a week in the gym to prepare myself for when I take on Bathurst and the Aussies in October, by default that will improve my work back here in the Ute. I’ve always felt that doing a bit of off-track training and fitness is of benefit, now I have upped that level” states Rudd.


He has however had to deal with the lack of drive time across winter, but he is working on that.

“I’ve recently done a club event at Hampton Downs, and I’ll be doing a test day at Taupo before the season returns. On top of that I have spent a lot of hours on the racing simulator – but it shouldn’t take too much to get back into it anyway”.


So now his plan is to simply keep an ear and eye on what his opponents are up too, and go about his normal business come race day.

Pallet Supplies Racing

28April 2014

UDC V8 Utes




It was a case of the same old situation with a bit of extra reward for Brett ‘The Scud’ Rudd and his Pallet Supplies Racing Team when they travelled to the home track of Pukekohe to battle for Trans-Tasman honours in the UDC V8 Utes.

As an undercard support category for the V8 Supercars there is always the possibility of ‘errors under pressure’ for any driver, due to the crowd numbers and the viewing presence of the professionals from the V8 Supercar ranks. However Rudd was able to minimise any of this effect by taking plenty of advice and strategy from his Chief Engineer Blair Davie.

“We had done some testing two weeks earlier and from that we were confident we had found some extra speed” states Rudd “hence pre-race strategy from Blair was just the same good clear instructions - to do what we always do”.

To always keep it clean and consolidate points is how the entire weekend unfolded in front of them, however it did need reiterating after Rudd lost the opportunity to take his first ever race win on the Friday. “I was kicking myself about that but had to let it go or it could consume my weekend. We got our mind-set back by taking confidence out of our lap times in that race which were basically the same as Walton’s so we knew we had the pace to continue the weekend successfully”.

With the grid for two of the races sorted by random marble draw Rudd accomplished himself with a veteran’s drive by securing another 2nd and then a mid-pack 7th from the reverse grid, but come the final race of the weekend he had accumulated enough points to deservedly sit himself on the front row, right beside the Championship leader Walton.

There was however more pressure than normal placed on all of the drivers as the race had been shortened due to a previous support category incident, meaning track time restrictions would have the Utes fighting within a bizarre four lap sprint.

With zero chance of recovery if any mistakes were made, Rudd was able to slide across in behind Walton on Turn 1, and then spend those next four laps holding off a spirited fight from the very practiced Geoff ‘SOS’ Spencer to cross the line in second, another podium and even more importantly bagging enough points to take second overall for the round – and that also included the honour of being the first Kiwi home to help secure the Trans-Tasman Title.

With this new found confidence on board that he can foot it with the front runners, Rudd and his crew will take equal third position on the Championship ladder over the winter break before racing resumes at the tight Taupo Circuit at the end of September.


Pallet Supplies Racing

23 April 2014

UDC V8 Utes




Brett ‘The Scud’ Rudd and the Pallet Supplies Racing Team are set and ready to conquer the Pukekohe circuit at the ITM 500 this weekend.

The team has had what could be described as an easy run so far this season, as the battle plan of staying consistent and out of trouble seems to be working for them. Rudd has completed every race of every round, and has managed to stay out of trouble while still mixing it up. He now lies 6th on the Championship table, and whilst that may not be as high as he would like, he and the team is still insistent that the same plan must remain.

“We have a couple of new drivers entering the round for this weekend, and that will have an effect on the field as it adds more entities into the mix. But that is fine with me, I’m under no pressure. I have confidence in my Ute and my team to prepare it for me, and I’m also fairly confident that there will be some paint sharing between those above me on the points table – and that is nothing but good news for us” states Rudd.

Indeed that is something to always factor in, the five Utes ahead of the team on the table will have more burdens on their shoulders, and more to prove to the always large crowd at a V8 Supercar event. And while it’s not the nature of any race car driver to simply circulate, Rudd will do exactly that – but cleanly, yet still at pace, and let the attrition of others happen around him.

“The machine is in perfect condition yet again” says team manager Rob Vazey. “Rudd looks after it well and with four races on the card he needs to keep it that way. He has proven he can do that and still clock in the points”.

The weather conditions have been forecast as changeable – and that also plays into the hands of Rudd who has relished any wet track surface that he drives on. Qualifying is Thursday afternoon, and the plan is to block out the large crowd and stick to the basics of driving smooth and consistent. The only time he will take in the sights and sounds as he goes around the track will be as he comes over the hill for the final time to claim a spot on the podium.

Pallet Supplies Racing

27 March 2014

UDC V8 Utes




Brett ‘The Scud’ Rudd stayed out of trouble and in the points when he attacked the Pukekohe Circuit as support to the V8 SuperTourers in their new ‘single day format’ last Sunday.

Often the single day of racing can produce a hectic format for teams, especially if they need to undertake repairs or serious modifications, but for the Pallet Supplies Racing crew, it was an almost casual weekend – due mostly to Rudd yet again racing cleanly and smartly.

Rudd finished strong and walked away from the round finishing 4th overall from a list of twelve entrants, and that made him a very content person as he summed up his day.

“I was on the pace from the start and was 3rd quickest in one of the practice sessions. I started in 6th place for the first race which is sorted from the marble draw and ended up grabbing two spots to finish 4th. Then the next race I made another pass to finish in 6th spot. In the final race I started 5th on the grid and after a tussle with James ‘huggi’ Urquhart on the first few turns I was in good position chasing down the speedsters up front. I took to the grass on the hill – which is never a good idea – and lost a spot to Sam Barry, but I was really pleased that I could grab that place back before race end”.

With Rudd, the Ute, and the crew in such good condition after a meet they are very much in the box seat for the next round which is in support to the Australian V8 Supercars in April.

And as Team Manager Rob Vazey states, things are looking good for that next event. “Very happy with the result, it was consistent and exactly what was planned. This team is ready for the Supercar event, and if we can stick to this plan and not go out there to show-pony for the crowd we are in for even more strong results which continues our path as the Championship continues”. 

Pallet Supplies Racing

21 March 2014

UDC V8 Utes




Brett Rudd left the opening round South Island of the 2014 UDC V8 Ute Racing Series with a solid set of points on the board, which is the start that he wanted.

Even though trophies are the glory Rudd is fully aware that planning a consistent and trouble free season is the key to Championship honours come the end of the year. He is intent on progressing up the ladder from where he currently sits fifth.

The Pukekohe round - which is predominantly a one-day affair with all the racing done on the Sunday - will see Rudd on the track in perfect condition Pallet Supplies Racing Ute. Saturday afternoon is practice and qualifying and although the conditions will vary from one day to the next the team is very confident that they will have a quick machine given their previous strong outings at the famous circuit.

The Ute has received progressive upgrades across the final rounds of last season and building up into the 2014 series, and that has brought the machine up to the same specifications as the current front-runners in the competition, and the changes have made a significant difference to not only the handling and performance of the Ute, but also Rudd’s own confidence.

“Since the new suspension and brakes were fitted I can really throw the Ute around. I can brake slightly later and harder before the corners and it’s also easier to aim and control the Ute going through them” states Rudd. ”We are 100% primed for a good weekend, and Pukekohe has worked well for us in the past, so we deserve to feel confident”.

The UDC V8 Utes will be running alongside the V8 SuperTourers as part of the Ultimate Family Picnic Day with the first of three Ute races starting at 9:35 Sunday morning.

Pallet Supplies Racing

27 January 2014

UDC V8 Utes




Brett Rudd has taken a huge positive from the opening round of the 2014 UDC V8 Ute Series by clocking in the fastest lap time of the third and final race of the weekend. Now while this did not transfer into a podium or silverware for the cupboard, it does give him plenty of confidence for the next round which will be based at his home track of Pukekohe.

“My engineer Blair Davie gave me the most driveable car I’ve ever had in that last race to the point where I felt I had a distinct advantage over everybody else, but while the circuit at Cromwell is fantastic to drive, it doesn’t give you many passing chances even if you’re quicker” stated Rudd.

It was in fact so good that he was possibly having the best drive of his so far very short racing career.

“We’re running the upgraded brakes now and we fitted the new suspension before the last meet of the 2013 season, so it stops way better.  We’ve got a couple of ideas to improve things even more and I feel I’m already up to speed with the new equipment, that means I can take momentum straight into the next round”.

It was the second race of the meeting that was costly for the team, having started from 6th on the grid Rudd was shuffled to 10th and had to spend the session trying to recover. “I got boxed in off the line and lost four spots within two corners. I should have been fighting in the front half not the back”.

However one thing Rudd has learnt during the two seasons of racing is that you need to wipe the bad ones immediately from your mind and focus on the next. “I finished race three on the back of two of the quickest guys in the paddock – Ward and Lightfoot. Wardy only beat me by about .2 of a second, just under half a Ute length. It was very wet too and I tend to like that – I almost want it to be raining at Pukekohe!”

Rudd now sits 5th overall in the Championship, something he is looking forward to improving come March 22.  

Pallet Supplies Racing

24 January 2014

UDC V8 Utes




When the season wrapped up late 2013 and Rudd had realised that his chances of finally reaching the podium were gone, despair and regret were not part of his or his team’s mind-set. In fact it was almost the direct opposite as they immediately started the planning for an all-out attack in 2014.

Finishing 4th overall in only his second ever season of racing was quite a milestone, given the experience level of the drivers that finished below him. With that knowledge however does not come any complacency. Rudd is fully aware that while he wants to focus on beating Lightfoot and Ward – the two in front of him last season – he cannot ignore the rest of the field as they too wish to perform and make waves up the front of the field.

“I have to keep my eyes open because it’s not just Ward and Lightfoot to watch. Spencer for example, and then there are the new boys too like Collinson and Barry who even though they are experienced racers they are fresh to the Utes and an unknown to us” states Rudd.

Then of course there is the new track to deal with in the opening round but Rudd is ok with that. “This seems to be a technical looking circuit here at Highlands. They’ve opened up a couple of corners, but it is new for all of us so everyone is in the same situation of learning while racing. If I draw a marble that puts me at the back of the grid for Race 1 I won’t be too disappointed as I can sit back a bit and watch what unfolds ahead of me”.

The format for this round has returned to the 2012 system of points allocated in the Qualifying session, a random marble draw for Race 1, reversed grid for Race 2 and a points earned grid layout for the final Race 3.

According to Rudd the pairing of the Ute and himself is exactly where is should be. “I’ve done no track testing, but I’ve had the Ute serviced and prepped by Stoneman Race Tech so it’s in top physical condition, just like the driver! We’ve done a couple of laps in a road car now around Highlands and we’ve already spotted our potential passing places”

In the end Rudd’s plan is simple, just as it has been in previous seasons but this time with a slight modification. Stay clean as always but get onto the podium.


Supercars and Highlands headline 2014 UDC V8 Ute Series

 A fifth year on the bill for the V8 Supercars and an opening round at the fabulous new Highlands Motorsport Park in Cromwell are the highlights of the six round 2014 UDC New Zealand V8 Utes championship calendar announced today.

 In 2014 the V8 Supercar round at Pukekohe will be a championship round for the UDC V8 Utes, and it will visit the historic circuit three times during the season, with the series finale being held at the track as the main support class for the SuperTourer season closer. The series will also visit Taupo for the Fathers’ Day 400 meeting and will head to the South Island again in November. Series Managing Director Paul Isaac is excited to have both Highlands and Supercars on the calendar, commenting;


"This year the Supercar round was a non-championship event but in 2014 it will form a points scoring round of the UDC V8 Utes championship and this is great news for our corporate partners, our drivers and their own corporate partners. It's the biggest motorsport event in New Zealand by far during the motorsport year and a real spectacle. We are delighted to be back once again. Highlands in January is equally as mouth-watering - it's a world class facility and our drivers have been keen to go racing on it since it opened for business. They don't have much longer to wait fortunately!"


Australian drivers have been much in evidence in the UDC V8 Utes this past season with Kris Walton, Rod Dawson, David Ling and Chris Berry all competing at some stage. More Australian racers are expected to compete regularly in 2014 and this will push up V8 Ute numbers in the domestic New Zealand series. Fifteen or more V8 Ford and Holden utes will line up for the first round at Highlands as the series continues to grow in its role as the main support category for the BNT V8 SuperTourers, and as a main feeder category for all senior V8 racing series in New Zealand and Australia.




Round 1 – January 25/26 – Highlands Motorsport Park, Cromwell, South Island

Round 2 – March 22/23 – Pukekohe, Auckland

Round 3 – April 24/27 – V8 Supercars, Pukekohe, Auckland

Round 4 – September 6/7 - Father’s Day 400 Taupo

Round 5 – November 1/2 – South Island (track venue TBA)

Round 6 – November 28/29/30 - Pukekohe 500, Auckland

Pallet Supplies Racing


4 December 2013


UDC V8 Utes







Brett ‘The Scud’ Rudd may not have taken any podium silverware during his 2013 UDC V8 Ute campaign but he did manage to achieve plenty – and the list is there to send a warning to the rest of the driving field.


In only his second ever season of motorsport of any kind, Rudd has finished fourth overall for the Championship which is quite a feat given that the majority of the opposition that fell behind him are seasoned motorsport crusaders. Consistency, clean driving and a meticulously presented race ute were the keys to his successful season.


The outside of the Ute was more than just spit and polish, it was a production base to which the entire team set their season on. Underneath and in the drivers seat painstaking preparation to detail was the key to Rudds season, with attention to all the small things from his team being where the real results came from. Not only did it allow Rudd to stay competitive all season, but it garnered him the trophy for Most Improved Driver of the year.


Even more importantly, Rudd was not just making up the numbers on the grid going into the seventh and final round of the season at Pukekohe as part of the Hankook Super Series with the BNT V8 SuperTourers, he was chasing down the leader board competitors directly in front of him, ensuring they looked over their shoulders. In simple terms he was making them work for their glory.


All of that combined has made the rest of the field take more notice of Rudd, as they now fully realise the potential that the Pallet Supplies Racing Team has to be fighting for overall honours next season.

There is only one minor problem with making such statements both on and off the tarmac, whether he likes it or not, Rudd is no longer able to fly under the radar. Opposing teams will now take more notice of his performances, and they will no longer take him for granted as the rookie, plus they will be less certain of their ability to catch him, pass him, or leave him behind.


One of Rudd's fortes this season has been to stay out of trouble and not get caught up in the on-track dramas that always happen in motorsport, but that might be more difficult to stay away from in 2014 given his new level of standing amongst the field.

Pallet Supplies Racing

25 November 2013

UDC V8 Utes


Pallet Supplies Racing or more accurately driver Brett Rudd has absolutely nothing to lose going into this coming weekends Grand Final at Pukekohe.

Currently fourth in the Championship standings Rudd is still without any silverware to show for his efforts, but the feeling among the camp is that his time has come - given that the car has remained in perfect condition all season and that his driving has improved to become more consistant.

But consistancy needs to be thrown out the window now, as in reality this has become an all-or-nothing round. Rudd is only 69 points away from third placed Peter Ward, yet knowing that Ward is fighting for his own higher honours against Lightfoot and Hanley gives Rudd both a positive and negative aspect towards the weekend.

“First I need to get rid of that 69 point deficit” states Rudd, “that wont be easy because Pete is not out there playing around. Any faults on his part will be my gains, but I cant wait for those, I have to go out and take control of this.”

There will be pressure on Rudd for possibly the first time this season, as many, including himself, knows the potential for Ute 99 to secure its first ever podium spot and take the glory that comes with it. The team certainly has a belief in its driver as Manager Rob Vazey explains. “Brett has impressed us all this year in only his second season racing, and along with Blair Davie  preparing the car in top condition every meeting… its surely Brett’s turn for a podium”.

But there is also pressure on those ahead of him on the points table, and that is of huge advantage to Rudd. Still, after this weekend there are no more chances left in the 2013 season for trophy grabbing so that is why it is a genuine ‘nothing to lose’ scenario. With points allocated from everything including the qualifying run, there is only one way for Rudd to achieve his goals, as he so simply puts it while trying to keep the air of cool around him “keep pointing it forward and go fast, pretty easy really.”

"The Scud" Racing with Mason Armstrong. The Team finished 14th Overall after a few issues Broken chains etc...But fantastic result for the pair. Mason qualified 7th in the top ten shoot out and the team were leading the race before the broken chain.

Pallet Supplies Racing

25 Oct 2013

UDC V8 Utes



Pallet Supplies Racing was looking for glory at the 5th round of the UDC V8 Utes recently held at the Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, and although no trophies were taken away by the team, they were so close they could see their reflection in them.

Coming into the weekend the crew was confident that Rudd could finally stand aloft on the podium, not only because they felt that he was deserving of it - due to him being 4th in the Championship standings without having a trophy to put in the cabinet - but because he was showing the driving ability to mix it up front.

As Rudd explains, they had the package ready to go. “The Ute was in perfect condition, and all we had to do was keep the consistency shown so far this season to clock in the valuable points. It really is a bizarre feeling for the entire team to be knocking on the door of Championship honours and yet have no silverware to show for it!”

With a noteably strong field to fight against over the weekend it can often be the simple things that provide the needed inspiration. For Rudd that came from being part of the Hankook Super Series and racing at the same venue as the V8 SuperTourers. “Having so many top touring car drivers watching on certainly provides a bit of motivation to do well” says Rudd, “but it also has the flip side of putting extra pressure on you, even if they don’t end up watching!”.

With four races and only one qualifying session – where Rudd came in 4th – there was plenty of opportunity to grab the seemingly elusive 3rd or higher at some stage, but by the end of the weekend the team was once again without trophies, taking 5th, 6th, 9th and 5th from each race. Regardless of the individual race results Rudd had continued his form, albeit to hold that 4th in the Championship by taking 4th for the round. The team now looks forward to the final round at Pukekohe, not just for the fun of racing, but because Rudd is only 69 points away from claiming 3rd in the Championship – and it’s the number the entire team is going to fight for.

Going into the final round the benefit for the team is that in only his second ever season of motorsport Rudd is fully aware that the pressure is not on him to take the big wins, but on those around him to suffer the big losses, and they know that he is showing the driving aptitude to be there ready to force the mistakes and pounce when required. The mistakes will be from their camps, not from Pallet Supplies Racing.

 Pallet Supplies Racing

 15 Oct 2013

 UDC V8 Utes


 Pallet Supplies Racing is due for glory and the 5th round of the UDC V8 Utes to be held at Hampton Downs is the target in Brett Rudd's sights.

The crew are not only confident that Rudd can finally stand aloft on the podium, they feel that he is deserving of it, given that he is currently fourth in the Championship standings without having a trophy to put in the cabinet.

It is certainly a bizarre feeling for the entire team to be in the position they are yet without any silverware to show for it. However dwelling on such thoughts will do nothing towards changing that, the only way to solve that minor predicament is to be up the front end of the field.

As Rudd explains, they have the package ready to go. “The Ute is in perfect condition, and if we keep the consistency shown so far this season not only will we continue to clock in the valuable points, we will be in with a shot to get our hands on the elusive silverware”.

The field is noteably strong for the weekend and it can often be the simple things that provide the needed inspiration. For Rudd that comes from being part of the Hankook Super Series and racing at the same venue as the V8 SuperTourers. “Having so many top touring car drivers watching on certainly provides a bit of motivation to do well” says Rudd, “but it also has the flip side of putting extra pressure on you, even if they don’t end up watching!”.

So far this season Rudd has been able to handle plenty of pressure from the very experienced drivers directly around him and he has been able to turn that pressure into points, so he feels there is no reason for that to be any different this time around.

Being so close to the two drivers ahead of him on the points table means that he is unquestionably in with a good shot at overall honours, and the true fact of the matter is if you were to look at it openly, it would be the other drivers that have the pressure on them to perform. Being motorsport there is of course a bit of luck that comes with it, but in only his second ever season of motorsport Rudd has worked out already that you can also make your own luck, and let those around you make the mistakes.

Pallet Supplies Racing

2 September 2013

UDC V8 Utes




Rudd and the Pallet Supplies Racing Team were pleased but not content with their final results coming out of the Fourth Round of the UDC V8 Utes held at the Taupo circuit.

Heading in fourth on the table they were well aware of the points fight that would happen between Mike Lightfoot and Peter Ward who were second equal, and as history has shown, a fight in the UDC Utes usually equals tears. This would be of benefit to Rudd so long as he was to remain out of the way, letting them make the mistakes and allowing him to take the spoils.


Hitting the track with a machine in perfect condition was essential for Rudd, due to the fact that the Taupo circuit suits the Fords with their different gearing and suspension systems. His team was able to provide him with that, but as is often the case in any motorsport, luck plays a part – whether it be good or bad.


Finishing his first race in 9th position was not the plan that the team had looked at, and neither was the 7th placing in Race 2, however things looked a lot better after securing a 4th spot in the 3rd race of the weekend. Had he then not received the always controversial drive through penalty in Race 4 he would have finished a lot higher than 12th.


The highly positive side of the weekend was the fact that he was able to reduce the potential for a DNF by driving clean and smart, and at the same time continually collecting the points on offer each time he passed under the chequered flag. That story however was not similar for one of his closest rivals Peter ‘Kaos’ Ward who ended up having a low points gathering, in turn closing the gap between himself and Rudd in the Championship run.


The season of keeping the Ute out of trouble and in good condition has been a principal reason for Rudd’s current success. He has given himself a clean gap to hold fourth spot in the Championship, and given that there is still plenty of racing to be had, Rudd and the team are setting their sights firmly on some special silverware. The next outing will be at Hampton Downs, a circuit where Rudd has performed well on previous occasions. He is in fact following the age old proverb in motorsport “To finish first, first you must finish” which in his case will only lead to triumph.

Pallet Supplies Racing                          26 August 2013                                   UDC V8 Utes


Winter break makes Rudd even more determined

The large gap between the previous round of the UDC V8 Utes at Pukekohe and the upcoming one in Taupo is a well documented topic, with drivers and teams impatient to get back into the racing scene. For Rudd however there is more than just a keenness to be back behind the wheel, there is a thirst for results.

Currently fourth in the Championship standings Rudd and the Pallet Supplies Team are fully aware of the opportunity that sits before them - not only to take a podium position but to push themselves into the top three overall.

The car is in perfect condition after the dramas and issues felt by many teams at the previous round, but that weekend of difficulties has been put behind them and consistency is the tagline for the Taupo attack.

With a strong field of drivers also looking for glory, Rudd has spent many hours on the computer – a racing simulator to be more precise – to help get the mindset right for the challenge. But along with that he has managed to find some real time to practice on the track under the instruction of the current V8 Ute Champion and Tasman SuperTourer driver Andrew Waite, and that is guidance that is beyond measurement.

Along with the teams own race focus they are fully aware of the situation ahead of them on the points table, with his two closest opponents on equal points for 2nd and 3rd in the Championship, and that can have huge benefits for Rudd. “We know the case for Ward and Lightfoot and both of them will have plans and tactics to cement their positions, but we can’t focus on that, we have to sort our own game first” states Rudd. “But in saying that, if they want to mix it up between each other and make mistakes, I’m ready and willing to pounce”.

The fourth round of the UDC V8 Ute Racing Series is set for the 31s of August and 1st of September – Fathers Day – and that is just a little more incentive….

Pallet Supplies Racing

29 May 2013

UDC V8 Utes




Going into the third round of the UDC V8 Ute Championship Brett Rudd and the Pallet Supplies Racing crew were confident of a strong showing, an attitude that was well reflected after the practice and qualifying sessions had Rudd in the hunt for a large points grab. However the mood changed as the weekend went on, and it wasn’t of their own making.

With the track surface and general weather conditions at a difficult and dangerous level, it would require diligence and patience from all drivers to ensure that a genuine race meeting would take place; from Rudd’s point of view however, that did not happen. “Too many driving too fast for the conditions” Rudd puts simply, “Some of the dopey stuff just ruined it for others, our Ute was good and I’m sure theirs were too, its just a pity that they were over-driving them to the conditions”.

With the high knowledge of racing within the line-up of drivers inside the Ute series, it was staggering to Rudd that so much caution was thrown to the wind. “I watched one in front of me going so quick into Turn 1 he ended up going off at Turn 3 hitting the wall, behind me another decided to try pass on the outside of Turn 1 and went straight off, and as I was going through the curve I saw another had gone off as well. I had moved into 3rd place at that time and we were going great, I was comfortable and driving well and then we were thrown a red flag. It would be safe to say I wasn’t impressed, and the ones that went off had no right to blame the weather for it”.

With Race 1 cancelled and removed from the weekends points tally it was by pure luck alone that those who met with the walls would have a full night of repair to fix their own mistakes. “They were very lucky to have some of the best crew members around working on the machinery, and that got them back into the racing come Sunday morning” said Rudd, “but if they had of played that way on Sunday their weekend would have been a story of disaster, not a story of revival”.

Race 2 on Sunday had now been converted to become the first race of the weekend and Rudd was to start from the back having pulled the number 12 spot during the marble draw. “It was another wet session, but we held the Ute onto the track to come 8th in that race, moderately pleasing but should have been better”.

 The next race was the reverse grid from the marble draw. In between those sessions the rest of the support classes and the main game of V8 SuperTourers had been fairing no better with both yellow and red flags constantly flying. That did not seem to concern a few of the Ute drivers who in Rudd’s eyes were ignoring the situation and the free lessons being shown by others out on the track.

 “My team and I had prepared ourselves mentally for the next outing, we knew what it was like out on the track and we knew that starting from Pole would be a challenge. This was found to be true as I lined up because I could see the right side of the track was like a grease pan, yet the left was drying. Once the lights went out I was instantly struggling for grip and had to settle into third behind the guys from the outside”.

It was at this point when Rudd was well clear of the first few turns that disaster struck the mid-section pack. Australian Rod Dawson had spun on Turn 3 and Chris Hanley was left with nowhere to move and had the unfortunate situation of hitting the side of the Aussies Ute head on, it was yet another red flag for the group and another restart.

“I had a similar start with lack of traction and once again lost the initial lead, and then Hamish Cross decided to have a few goes at me on Turns 3 and 4, eventually shunting me into the grass. I recovered and I was flying thanks to a quickly drying surface where I managed to finish 3rd. Cross was 9th suffering with dramas after his various antics. But even with my result of 3rd I’d had a gutsful of the way some of these guys were driving, particularly one, so I went down to Cross post-race to have a wee chat and explain things in simple terms. My team were in shock as they had never seen me so angry or in that frame of mind before”.

It went slightly smoother for Rudd and the other race teams during the final session of the weekend which had the Pallet Supplies Holden starting from Grid 4.

“I moved myself into 3rd during that run and I really loved it. I was racing clean with Spencer and Ward and things were looking really positive, but then there was trouble again after Peter Robb hit the wall. Hanley then snuck past me for third position just before the yellows came out. From there the race was red flagged so I lost that opportunity for minor glory. I may not have been able to hold him out for the last couple of laps anyway, but it sure would have been great fun trying!”

Rudd left Round 3 only two points away from claiming third overall and has mixed emotions about the weekend. “It’s frustrating when you are feeling on song and those around you affect what goes on, not by bad luck, but by simple stupidity. ‘That’s Racing’ is the term used a lot but I don’t think that is an excuse for driving like a moron and it shouldn’t be tolerated. In saying that, I look forward to stepping on the podium next round!”

The Utes take a winter break before heading to the Taupo circuit for the Father’s Day 400 in September.

Pallet Supplies Racing

22 May 2013

UDC V8 Utes



With a current position of 5th on the UDC V8 Ute Championship points table the entire team at Pallet Supplies Racing is  changing the focus and mindset for this weekends round at Pukekohe.

Having completed the opening two official rounds of the Championship plus the showcase support category duties with the V8 Supercars, Rudd has moved himself into a strong points position with the ability to make inroads towards higher honours.

Only 21 points separate him and 3rd placed Mike Lightfoot, with Rob Gibson sitting between them both in 4th. For Rudd this means that a smart drive at the Brother 350 is on the cards.

“Consistent mistake free driving” states Rudd “I have not had a lot of time to think about the weekend with my other commitments, but as the weekend draws closer the focus will be there – and the focus is on consistent mistake free driving”.

Of course there is little that any driver can do if others wish to cause problems out on the circuit but Rudd knows that his job is to focus on his drive alone and not what the others are doing. In his mind the speed and racing will come by default.

“We have not made any drastic changes to the Ute setup after the run at the Supercars. We will do some relatively minor adjustments, to fit in with the slight change in mind-set. We have done so well in the opening rounds that we need to think about the Championship as a whole now, not the instantaneous glory”.

Rudd has found good pace so far this season and the entire team is confident that he can maintain it. They also hope for a bit of luck come the marble draw for grid positions of Races 2 and 3, and that the red mist and subsequent incidents that often accompany a few of the other drivers is well out of reach from their Holden.

The UDC V8 Utes Qualifying and Race 1 will go green at 2:20 pm on Saturday with Races 2, 3 and 4 on Sunday.


Pallet Supplies Racing

18 April 2013

UDC V8 Utes


Comfort zone not attainable for Rudd


It is a common fact that motorsport is never simple, as found by the Pallet Supplies Racing Team over the V8 Supercars weekend at Pukekohe.

Coming into the non-championship event as a support category for the V8SC Series Rudd was hoping to add to his reasonably successful season to-date, but there was a comfort level missing from the qualifying run that stymied the initial intentions. Rudd summed it up cleanly with “I felt there was a lot of room for improvement”.

The weekend had reverted back to the old points and racing format used up until the end of last season, albeit with a slight twist. Qualifying was not for race grid position, but as an addition to the weekend points tally. Races 1 and 2 would be sorted via the marble draw, and Race 3 would see the team’s line up in respect to their points garnered from the earlier sessions, but in reverse.

The draw gave Rudd an 11th starting position of which he was able to finish in 6th. “The race was full of action” Rudd explained, “I kept myself out of trouble and came in with a respectable result. Many of the other teams however were coming back in with lots of damage to repair”

It wasn’t as smooth sailing for the PSR team after starting the next race in the reverse option, Rudd would struggle to hold on to the second row spot of third. “I missed a couple of gear changes at crucial stages of the race and let others through. They were silly mistakes, but you have to take the good with the bad”. Regardless of the hiccups on track the team did feel that the performance was steady, and they were to start in 6th place for the final race of the weekend.

Rudd initially worked his way up to 4th however he was in a tightly contested fight for the spot with Jeff Kernohan. He eventually lost it and moved back to 5th and the battle continued, only to see Rudd dive in hard on a turn where he connected with Kernohan. This spun his opponent and the PSR Holden was handed a drive through penalty, meaning that he would have to finish the race in 10th spot, and 9th overall for the event.

It was another motorsport lesson for the second-season racer who can now add a penalty to his list of on-track accolades. On a positive for the team and driver is the seat time which will be of added benefit for the next Championship round.


Pallet Supplies Racing

11 April 2013

UDC V8 Utes

Rudd ready to stand on the podium

There is certainly no shortage of confidence from Brett Rudd leading up to this weekends brute clash at Pukekohe Park Raceway. The UDC V8 Utes are part of the support package for the Australian V8 Supercar series, and the stage does not get any bigger for the teams.

The new track layout has been given the thumbs up by Rudd, and so too has his driving – but not by himself or his team, that kudos has come from the current V8 Ute Champion and Tasman Motorsports Supertourer driver Andrew Waite.

Whilst this particular weekend of racing may not be an official points round of the Championship for the Utes, there is still plenty to gain from finishing up the front, and Rudd is fully aware of that.

“I need to simply stay clear of trouble, but it is certainly time for a top three round finish. The nerves are fine and just like the last round at Ruapuna I simply need to be consistent on track”. The only segment of the upgraded raceway that will need learning are the new corners placed into the back straight, being that it is a fresh change, no one has had a chance to test it for real or simulated.

“Looking at the photos and the map there should be more passing opportunites with that new segment, and whilst I have done a lot of laps on the simulator it will be uncharted territory heading into it under brakes – only come Sunday evening will we be able to say we braked properly for it!”

With nothing more than a spit and polish needed on the 1.8 tonne machine since the last round it means there is no need to concern himself about any repairs done, the only difference is that the Holdens have had a de-tune. “The technical team for the NZ V8 Utes have clipped our wings” states Rudd, “apparently the parity is still off and we will have less revs, it will effect 2nd and 3rd but just like our braking into the new curves, only time will tell us the outcome of this one”.

The Utes will only have a 20 minute practise session on Friday to learn it before qualifying, followed by the three short sprint races over the weekend.


Pallet Supplies Racing

12 March 2013

UDC V8 Utes

Pure pleasure for Rudd as he takes control of his season

Taking the self-assurance found at the first round of the UDC V8 Utes from Hampton Downs and putting it into play at Ruapuna proved to be a successful strategy for Auckland’s Brett Rudd.

With the newly found pace from round 1 still resonating within the team, the goal was to maintain a steady and consistent run on the technical Christchurch based track, keep out of trouble, and bring the points home. However qualifying was a minor struggle for Rudd; placing the Pallet Supplies Racing Holden onto the 4th row of the grid, and that fortune remained the same when he crossed the line for a 7th placing. But then the weekend strategy garnered even more than what was initially expected.

With a system that mixes up the field for Races 2 and 3 via the ballot draw for grid placement, Rudd found himself in the middle section, which more often than not becomes the struggle zone. However, when other more experienced drivers in front made some crucial racing errors, the still green Rudd had to suddenly lift his game as his machinery was swiftly located into 2nd position on the track behind Championship point’s leader Chris Hanley. But that itself was not a problem for Rudd, the fact that on-form Peter Ward was on the tailpipe was of concern.

“It felt like I had a rash for a while there” said a smiling Rudd post-race, “I spent a bit of time looking in the mirrors, and noticed Gibson chasing Ward down and I was hoping he would keep Pete off my tail. But when I focused forward I found that I could maintain and sometimes gain on the leader which was good. It’s nice to follow the drive lines of someone that quick!”

When Ward sent himself off into the wilderness Rudd could have taken a more relaxing stance, but there was to be no respite as a flying Mike Lightfoot abruptly took over from Ward in the chase for glory, as Rudd happily explained. “We came out of the carousel segment of the track and Ward was wide. I thought to myself you’d have to be fairly brave to try that here, and then I saw him disappear out of my mirrors. That’s when Lightfoot arrived. My engineer was in my ear just enough to tell me I was doing well and to keep it steady. I learnt very quickly how not to do anything stupid!”

Hanley was in cruise mode up front, yet for Rudd he was about to lay down the best drive of his to-date short career and it was to become a play of seconds. He crossed the line in 2nd to take his first ever podium position, in his 2nd year of motorsport, and only his 2nd time at the Ruapuna circuit.

He completed the stellar weekend with a 4th and 5th in the following races to walk away from the round 4th place overall and in a clear 5th position on the championship standings.


Pallet Supplies Racing

6 March 2013

UDC V8 Utes


Rudd heads south with a new found confidence

While it may only be his second ever season of motorsport, Rudd is already showing an air of confidence expected from someone with a more veteran standing. Having raised eyebrows at the opening round of the season when he featured at the top of the first practice session, Rudd then followed it up with solid drives throughout all the races to not only bag a decent set of points, but to also garner self-confidence.

With this weekend being only his second trip to the Ruapuna circuit, Rudd realises that his struggles there last time may not be completely removed for this round, but that doesn’t mean he will be going to just make up grid numbers.

“Last time I was at the track it was only my second ever race meeting” Rudd explains, “I’m certainly excited to be going back there and this time I’m going hard. My form at Hampton has definitely installed more confidence in my own abilities. I have a genuine sense of belief that I can progress up the ranks”.

That of course is not a simple task given the amount of racing experience throughout the ranks of the NZ V8 Ute field, and adopting a tough no compromise attitude is a must, something that Rudd was unwilling to do last year as he admits that season was for initial learning and of course for fun. “This has taken some getting used to. It was fairly daunting coming into a turn at 160 kph plus, trying to control 1.8 ton of V8 Ute, and then seeing the likes of Peter Kaos Ward coming at you. I’m cool with it now though, so it’s those guys that now need to be watching because I’ve got no problems in staking my claim to the corner anymore”.

Ruapuna will also be the testing ground for the Holden and Ford parity battle, as the Holden Utes have been given a change. They have had the engine intake restriction removed, and more revs applied, and Rudd feels that the category has it right. “At Hamilton last year we tested the changes after clearly being behind the 8 ball in regards to engine performance. Looking at the mix after the Hampton round I see no issues – but ask me again after this weekend!”

With the Championship winning Stoneman Race Tech crew looking after the initial servicing and setups of the Pallet Supplies Ute overseen by his own race engineer Blair Davie, it is fair to say that Rudd has a decent weapon at his disposal. This, along with his current form, seems to be a combination that will allow the team to leave Ruapuna with a solid points grab.


Pallet Supplies Racing

19 Feb 2013

UDC V8 Utes Round 1 Hampton Downs


Solid performance gives confidence to Rudd and team.


A weekend of mixed but solid results has put an air of assurance into the Pallet Supplies Racing Team. Coming out on the first practice day of the new season on top of the timing sheets was mildly surprising for both Rudd and the rest of the Ute racing field given his lack of experience behind the wheel – comparative to the rest of the drivers. However while he may lack in the statistic charts and be unable to make a claim of years behind the wheel, what he can do is show that he has an ability to throw 1.8 ton of V8 Ute around a circuit at speed.

With a brand new format for the UDC V8 Utes this season of a qualifying run followed by four races, there would be plenty of opportunity for Rudd to prove his new found confidence across the 2013 run.

He was able to hold his place during the first race, starting and finishing in 5th place, but the second race was not what he had planned after he was shunted off the track by another competitor.

“The marble draw for the grid was certainly not in our favour” claimed Rudd post-race. “Starting 8th would always be a battle, and getting punted off does you no good”.

After finishing 9th in the second run due to the mishap Rudd was then forced to start from 5th on the grid for Race 3, and again it did not quite go to plan, with a final spot of 7th across the chequered flag. This would mean that the combined point’s effort of the weekend to date would see him starting from Row 4 - yet another strong effort would be required from 8th.

It was here that Rudd found his early pace again, he moved up the congested field to finish the final outing in 6th place, good enough to place him 7th overall in the Championship.

Rudd was in a positive mood. “It was a solid performance and a good start to the series considering the second race incident” and so too was Team Manager Rob Vazey. “Our team has a goal and we are focused to achieve this for our sponsors and supporters. Our speed in practice showed that Brett and the car are fast posting the second fastest lap of the weekend and with a little fine tuning we will be further up the field. As Brett has said, it was a solid start to the series”.

The deal now will be for the team to ensure Rudd has the best setup possible for the next round at the Christchurch based Ruapuna circuit, a place where good flow is important. For Rudd, his job will simply be to ensure that the buoyant attitude he found during this opening stanza can be taken south.

The team will be in action again on the weekend of 9/10 March, and the word around the campfire is that after only one season of competition, Pallet Supplies Racing is now a team to watch out for. 

For more information please contact:

Rob Vazey

Team Manager

021 726 986

Media Release

Pallet Supplies Racing

UDC V8 Utes, Round 1 Hampton Downs, 15 Feb 2013

Rudd sets the initial pace at opening round

Brett Rudd has put his UDC V8 Ute competitors on notice after completing practice with the fastest time on the board – a full 2.3 seconds quicker than the slowest Ute in the field.

Although many would argue the fact, practice times are often a prelude to the weekends overall speed, and because of that Rudd is now quietly confident of his new found abilities, given that the 2012 season of V8 Ute racing was his first ever foray into motorsport of any kind.

His 1.17.53 would have also raised the eyebrows of his closest competitor - and early predicted champion - Chris Hanley who followed Rudd with a 1.17.55. It won’t just be Hanley looking closely at the time sheet though, so too will the rest of the field which after five seasons has now become a very experienced selection of drivers and teams. Many of them will be wondering what Rudd is doing right, or they are doing wrong.

The argument against practice form transferring to qualifying and race pace is now void, because if any team was using practice for trial setups, they have no chance to test any overnight changes.

There is a new format for the UDC V8 Utes this season, and it is quite a dramatic change. No longer do the competitors use the qualifying run just for points; it has now been converted to a genuine session where the fastest takes pole, a more traditional style of racing. Races 2 and 3 are decided by the unique marble draw system, and Race 4 is a grid determined by the accumulated points of the previous weekend’s outings.

For Rudd his marble draw was not exactly what he wanted, as he will start Race 2 from position 8 and Race 3 from grid position 5. His initial hope for glory will need to come from Saturday morning’s qualifying run, and the expectation of a practice equalling burst.

Racing proper commences at 10:40 Saturday morning.


For more information please contact:

Rob Vazey

Team Manager

021 726 986

Wow what a night, for the team and the special invited guests to the official 2013 Pallet Supplies Racing Season Launch.


Rob Vazey Team Manager explained to the guests about Brett and the teams performance last season...and then about the year to come.


The night was a huge success as the speeches came to an end the cover was then removed from the car, showing all the guests what they had all come to see.


 The Car #99


The night then carried on to the wee small hours, and a good night was had by all.


The new purpose built trailer was also on display

Thank you to all those who helped and attended

from the team PSR.

      Former V8 Ute Champ Secures V8 Supercar Drive

V8 Ute stalwart Chris Pither has secured a full-time drive with Brad Jones Racing in the 2013 V8 Supercar Development Series, and will step out of V8 Ute Racing following a long and successful career. In 6 years of competition, Pither scored a V8 Ute Trans-Tasman win at Hamilton NZ, and three V8 Ute Titles (2 x New Zealand, 1 x Australia,) making him the only driver in V8 Ute history to achieve this.

“I’ll definitely miss it. I did a lot of great things and made a lot of good friends in both the Australian and New Zealand Ute categories, they will remain part of my family for a long time. My NZ backer and mentor Ash Cairns suggested I move to Australia to further my career when I was only 18, so I packed up and lived with V8 Ute Category Manager Craig Denyer and his family on the Gold Coast,” Pither said.

Pither raced initially for the Kanga Loaders Team in V8 Utes, (winning the Gold Cast round) and then the Fujitsu Series. An introduction to Darren Park from Ice Break Racing saw Pither take over seat from Layton Crambrook early in 2010, then go on to win the 2011 V8 Ute Series.

Mindful of how hard getting a break in the sport is, Chris set up the Chris Pither/Ice Break Scholarship in 2012, and offered three young drivers (Jesse Dixon, Tom Williamson, Andy Waite), the chance to race in his series winning Holden in the Auto One V8 Ute Racing Series – protected by Armor All.

“2012 was a great year. I obviously only did 2 Ute rounds myself, and having 3 guys in the Ute over the course of the year was great. We decided at the start to give guys with no money but talent a run. It was a highlight of mine to see Jesse Dixon go on to win the Shannon’s Supercar Showdown Bathurst 1000 drive as a result of the scholarship programme. Everyone that drove did a great job, hopefully we helped them as well,” said Pither.

Ice Break Racing, also a long-time supporter of the Australian V8 Ute Series, will be assisting Pither in the next level of his career, backing him in the former Fabian Coulthard Commodore VE. The Ice Break Racing VE Ute was sold this week, and will be driven by 2012 driver Gerard McLeod this year.

This will be Pither’s third run in the Development Series, and he believes with great support (Ice Break Racing), a good team (Brad Jones Racing (BJR)) and a competitive car (Fabian Coulthard Commodore VE), he has the combination to have a successful season.

“I’ve only done the entire championship once before with Kanga Loaders in 2006 and selective rounds in 2007 with Paul Morris Motorsport. I think I’m probably more prepared than I ever have been, and doing a few years in the Utes has made me a better package as a driver. I’m really rapt that Ice Break and our other partners have been willing and excited to step into the Supercar Development Series and I’m confident with BJR running the car, we’ve got a really exciting package,” he explained.

Pither drove in the V8 Supercar Enduro’s in 2012 last year alongside David Wall, where he claimed 14th in the Bathurst 1000. He is yet to practice in his 2013 car; however it will have a similar package to what he drove at Bathurst in 2012.

Category Manager Craig Denyer will be sad to see Pither and Ice Break Racing step out of the Series but wishes them every success.

“I’ve known Chris since he was a young teenager, he is part of our family in many ways and it’s great to see him moving into a competitive V8 Supercar program, thanks to Darren Park. Ice Break Racing has done a lot for the Series since their involvement in 2010 and while we are sorry to see them move on, it again proves that the Australian V8 Ute Series is a great feeder category for V8 Supercars, both commercially and for driver development. When you look at the number of former V8 Ute racers now in the DVS or V8 Supercar Championship, it’s a great story for the category,” said Denyer.

Like many drivers before him, Pither saw the V8 Utes as a great stepping stone towards a career in V8 Supercars.

“It’s definitely a great stepping stone. I competed in a season and a half and it got me back into the Australian motorsport scene and built my profile again.  Australian V8 Ute Racing has definitely been a big part of the process into V8 Supercars; obviously the close hard racing teaches you how to pick your moments and be smart on the track. I think the past couple of seasons have made me a smarter driver and that’s important,” said Pither.

Pither joins three other former V8 Ute Champions in moving into V8 Supercars including: two- time champions Warren Luff and Damien White, and 2006 Champion Marcus Zukanovic.

Other V8 Ute drivers to step up to V8 Supercars include: George Miedecke, Grant Denyer, James Moffat, Nandi Kiss, Gary MacDonald, Luke Youlden and Dean Canto.

Pither will be at the opening round of both the V8 Supercar and the 2013 Auto One V8 Ute Racing Series – protected by Armor All Season at the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide Thursday, 28th February – Sunday, 3rd March.

-    Ends –
For more information please contact:
Erin Bain
SPHERIX category managers of Australian V8 Ute Racing
07 566 89 000
0434 314 475


26 NOVEMBER 2012




The upcoming season is looking very bright for the UDC V8 Ute category.


The UDC V8 Utes, one of the most popular motor racing categories in New Zealand with five years of racing under it's belt, held their AGM in Taupo at the weekend and plenty of positive news emerged. 


The category is looking forward to joining the V8 SuperTourer category next season and competitors are currently carrying out their off season preparation and are rearing to go when the new season kicks off at Hampton Downs over the weekend of 16/17 February. The full calendar for the new season will be confirmed in the very near future.


The category which has a solid core of shareholders is looking very strong with several advancements in the pipeline. Managing Director of NZV8 Utes, Paul Isaac, said today that the AGM approved the FG Falcon race ute to join the series in the second half of the 2013 season. "The FG Falcon will be able to run alongside the current BF Falcon and VE Holden with parity maintained between all three. The 5 litre Ford Coyote engine will also be introduced into the series. "As ongoing refreshes are required to the current BF Falcon engines the Coyote unit will be accepted into the series. That will ensure the long term future of the BF Falcon in New Zealand as competitors will have the option of an engine replacement or a refresh," says Isaac.


Isaac, along with NZV8 Ute Chairman Ash Cairns and Director Peter Robb are also working to negotiate a package with several Australian competitors to cross the Tasman and compete in the New Zealand series. "The BF Falcon has been ineligible for the Australian series since the recent Bathurst round so we are talking to teams from Australia who are interested in bringing their BF Falcon Utes to New Zealand to do some or all of our rounds."


That would be a boost for what is already a thriving series and Isaac adds that there are some V8 race Utes in New Zealand for sale or lease to potential competitors. Isaac welcomes inquiries on these at; or by telephone at either 07 377 2081 or 0274 439 698.  


While the on track show is looking better than ever with even more announcements due in the near future, support for the category through it's many corporate partners is also thriving. Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) has recently joined the category's many partners along with Champion Spark Plugs, K & N Filters and Betta Auto Parts. They join an established group of corporate partners which includes naming rights sponsor UDC Finance, Armor All, Xtreme Race Clutches, Nulon Oils, Radio Hauraki, Yokohama, Woodstock, SCT, EFILive, Holden, Ford, McEntee Event Hire and The Gearbox Factory.


While work has been accelerating in preparation for what promises to be the most exciting season yet for UDC V8 Utes several New Zealand competitors recently travelled to the iconic Mount Panorama circuit at Bathurst to match it with their Australian counterparts. Peter 'Rocketman' Robb of Wanganui and Aucklanders Peter 'Kaos' Ward and James 'Huggi' Urquhart took on what they described as the holy grail of motorsport and all acquitted themselves well. They were competitive for the entire weekend and all thoroughly enjoyed the experience of a lifetime racing at Bathurst.


For further information visit the series website - 


Photograph - The kiwi contingent at Bathurst 2012 - left to right - Peter 'Rocketman' Robb, Peter 'Kaos' Ward and James 'Huggi' Urquhart 


Lindsay Beer

on behalf of UDC V8 Utes

021 351 499


Pukekohe Raceway 13th October

What better time to practice than in the wet blowing conditions we had this last weekend. Brett is of the opinion best to practice when most drivers stay home, as we all know that sometimes races are held in these conditions. Both Blair Davie and Brett headed down and spent the day with the Auckland Car Club racing with a range of cars in conditions best for stockcars.

All in all the day went well with valueable time spent behind the wheel and no damage to the car.

Here is a flying lap in the wet from the weekend. Speeds up to 200Kph




Bathurst 2012 -   50 Years on and still delivering

 Pallet Supplies Racing
 We arrived back yesterday from one of the greatest Bathurst events ever held, and officially the biggest with a record 207,000+ people attending over the 4 days. As the gates opened the Saturday prior to the start there were thousands of people arriving and putting their stake in the ground including our own NZ V8 Ute Teams…Mitre10 Racing James Urquhart , Ward Demolition Peter Ward and Hillcountry Helicopters Peter Robb. These three guys took on the challenge of the mountain and survived. They also did this with a respectable performance and without any major damage.  
Now as you all know Pallet Supplies Racing pulled out from taking the team and car in May due to concerns this could be too soon for the team to take on the mountain. Therefore three members Brett Rudd Driver, Rob Vazey Manager and Jeff Short Sponsor/ Panel Beater of the team ventured to Bathurst to see what all the hype was about!!  and boy was this a trip to remember. Jeff arrived earlier with the NZ Ute teams and stayed with them for the entire week while Brett and Rob flew into Sydney on Thursday. These three guys ended up seeing Bathurst in a rather different way and getting to watch from all different angles. There are photos attached and these are a small snap shot of their time. There are many more available for viewing in the photos and videos album in the website  these will tell the story from helicopter rides, corporate boxes, meeting drivers, grid walk before the big race, and being amongst the winning teams and supporters at the prize giving.    
Picture: James Urquhart 

The race event lived up to all expectations with all the categories racing hard and giving the paying public many memorable images for years to come. So what were some of the highlights for us?  
  Picture: V8 Ute Line up for second Race  

 Picture: Brett Rudd, Jeff Short, Rob Vazey

 Firstly watching our good friend’s race in this event was a highlight. But getting the chance to watch them from a helicopter for the first two laps of their first race, then from the event manager’s balcony for their second race and the corporate box for the third doesn’t get much better than that. Also getting to hear their stories of driving around the track and watching Peter Ward running to and from the toilet as the nerves set in priceless… Trust me this was regular.

  Pictures: View from the helicopter 

As you can see the views were amazing and the overall event was enormous in scale, but we found the whole event easy to get around and so well run. 

Brett and Rob also got the chance to do a hot lap around the track with legend John Bowe..
So after the support categories had finished there was the main race, and what a race that ended up as the pole sitter’s support driver (a Kiwi) let them down with a poor decision to pull in for a pit stop to check the tyres and consequently leaving the ford team outside of contention for the top three spots. The rest of the race was full of great strategic moves with pit stops and driver changes and creating the second closest finish of all time. The Holden Vodafone Team and car 1 of Jamie Whincup and Paul Dumbrell therefore took the honors and become the winners of Mount Panorama for 2012.  
   Pictures: Presentations       
Pictures: Rob with winning team 

Snap Shots 




Kids in Cars - Family Day Out

It is so hard seeing kids with cancer or other disabilities, so getting the chance to give them a smile and to make their day was an opportunity we could not pass up. There were hundreds of people and kids at the Pukekohe Raceway yesterday raising awareness for kids in the community and supporting some very good charities like:





It was an absolute pleasure supporting these charities, well done to the organizers on a fantastic day.


 Below are some photos of the day:


For more photos please visit our photos page.

Off Season Community support

During the off season Pallet Supplies Racing has taken the opportunity to help with two very special causes, Kids in Cars and Prostate cancer awareness for men. Today Pallet Supplies Racing had the car, Trailer, Driver Brett Rudd and manager Rob Vazey at Placemakers Pakuranga to help in the awareness of prostate cancer and later this month the car will be taking kids for rides around Pukekohe raceway for the Kids In Cars day raising awareness for kids in the community.


Please get behind the Kids and support this great cause, also guys please make sure you get checked out because at present there is around 680 NZ men dying each year...Too Many...

UDC V8 Utes Sign with NZ V8 Supertourers for 2013 season


That’s right as from Feb 2013 the V8 Utes will be the main support category for the V8 Supertourers, who have built in strength over the past 6 months. This decision did not come lightly after supporting the NZ v8s since starting 5 + years ago.

The UDC V8 Utes are one of the most watched motor sports in NZ and continues to build in popularity. The Supertourers have now secured the NZ V8 Muscle Cars, UDC V8 Utes, the V8 Challenge series and are in talks with a number of others. Therefore the Series is looking to be full of exciting action. Below are the drivers heading each team in the current series “what a lineup” you could not ask for a better grid. The cars are exciting and the best series to be run in and around the cities of NZ. We are proud to be a part of this going forward.

Drivers in the 2012 V8 SuperTourer Series are:

Graig Baird               Paul Manuell            Eddie Bell                                Scott Mclaughlin       Andy Booth              Simon Mclennan

Colin Corkery            John Mcintyre           Tim Edgell                                Richard Moore          Geoff Emery             Greg Murphy

Angus Fogg             Ant Peterson            Daniel Gaunt            Jonny Reid               Andre” Heimgartner  Stephen Richards

Andy Knight             Kayne Scott             and more to come

Some of the changes we will face with signing with Supertourers. The main change is the calendar dates for events and the locations have changed below is the current dates we will be following a similar structure for next season and our first race meeting will be in February 2013.


Sprint Championship


February 17/18/19

Hampton Downs Motorsport Park North Waikato


April 7/8 (Easter)

Powerbuilt Tools Raceway Christchurch


April 27/28/29

Manfeild Autocourse Feilding


 June 1/2/3 (Queens Birthday Weekend)

Hampton Downs Motorsport Park North Waikato


Endurance Championship


August 31 September 2

Ricoh Taupo Motorsport Park, Taupo


October 26/27/28

500km International,  Pukekohe Park Raceway


November 23/24/25

Powerbuilt Tools Raceway Christchurch


 So exciting news for the UDC V8 Utes for 2013

I hope you all get in behind us for this new season!





Congratulations to Blair and Tania Davies

Congratulations to you both on the fantastic news of a new baby boy "Will"


Will Issac Davies - Born 03.07.12

The Pallet Supplies Racing team would like to wish you both the very best, and we all look forward to catching up and meeting young Will.

Competition On Now


Win a Pallet Supplies Racing Supporters pack: Jacket, Pit Shirt, Cap and T Shirt

 The best caption for the below picture will win…. Delivery anywhere in the world. You must like and place a comment on our facebook page to the below photo to go into the draw. competition finishes midnight 12th July.      

Click on:!/Palletsupplies

Winner will be confirmed 15th July.




Hot Laps at Hampton Downs Raceway

The Pallet Supplies Racing Team took 30 + people for a ride they won't forget, having the Scud do 4 hot laps at pace with an open track. 

 Like Tanya Glengarry you can see by the eyes she had fun.......There were some other cars there for the day with Maurice McKenzie taking some people for a ride in his BMW and Paul Ottaway in his KTM Cross Bow which is the only KTM car in NZ and rated car of the year 2010 by Top Gear.

There were also some Race names that were part of the Hot Lap line up...Greg Mosen organizer of the ITM 400 with his son Brad Mosen speedway Midget  driver and Frank Van vroonhoven (The Flying Dutchman) from Speedway racing Super Stocks.

The Pallet Supplies Racing Team would like to thank everyone for coming and making the day a huge success. If any of you have photos please contact Rob to have them added to the website...


"The Scud" in Jamie Mc Donalds Sprint car

Over the off season Brett "The Scud" Rudd will be doing as much driver training and practicing as possible to prepare himself for the next season, so when the opportunity arose for Brett to get a drive in Jamie Mc Donalds Sprint Car he jumped at the chance. 

So what is the difference between the two cars??? about 450 HP and 1300KG, making the Sprint car an absolute rocket ship on wheels. When talking to Jamie he says the faster the easier it is...easy for him to say aye!!

For anyone to get this opportunity you would be silly to pass as these are the fastest race cars on dirt! With 850HP and only weighing between 550-600KG it is a ride never to be equalled.

 Being Brett's first drive in one of these beasts, Brett did extremly well coming in with mid 13sec laps.

The Pallet Supplies Race Team would like to thank both Bruce and Jamie Mc Donald for a fantastic opportunity driving Jamies car. We also would like to mention that Jamie will also get to drive "The Scuds" car in June...we will keep you all updated on that day.


The Scud finishes 3rd in Race Three at the Hamilton ITM 400

Great finish to an action packed weekend!!!

With Race one result notso good as a missed gear change put Brett tailing the field with no real chance to pick up any spots Brett was looking to a positive second race. Unfortunately Race two was no better as Brett was shunted into the wall at turn two and not being able to drive the car the team were not expecting to have the car ready for Race three due to the short time between races.

Picture: Jeff Shortt panel beating while Blair Davie repairs the damaged suspension.

The team worked hard getting the car ready and with no time for a wheel alignment Brett was sent out with a 10 second window before the gates where shut. Great effort from all the team, Blair Davie, Gary Davie, Rob Vazey and Jeff Shortt to get Brett out for the last race.

The 3rd and final race Brett started in 11th position on the grid and was hoping for a good start, well after an incident in the first corner Brett managed to squeeze into 3rd position until lap 6th when "Hammer Time Hanley" managed to get passed. Brett the finished the race in forth but due to penalties the final result was third, as " The Boss" Dave Stewart was penalized for taking Andrew Waite out of the race and being delegated to 11th positon.

Thanks to all the people that called into the Pallet Supplies Racing tent and gave their support, it was most appreciated by Brett and the team. We look forward to your continued support for the new season.



Hamilton ITM 400


Andrew 'DJ48' Waite has put the final touch to a great season by winning the
UDC V8 Ute category at the ITM400 Hamilton.

Waite had sealed the championship last month and came to this non
championship round keen to repeat the dose in front of the V8 Supercar
teams. While many of his championship wins have been dominant, the nature of
Hamilton meant a battle of attrition across qualifying and the three races
for all competitors.

In a wonderful trifecta for Jake and Kirk Stoneman of the Western Motor
Group they not only prepared Waites ute but also the second and third placed
vehicles - the Ward Demolition Holden of Aucklander Peter 'Kaos' Ward and
the BSL/Buckley Systems Falcon of Mike 'Buzz' Lightfoot.

Waite was fastest in qualifying on Friday in his Valvoline/Hydraulink
Falcon, racing with extra support this weekend from MTA, and looked good for
a clean sweep. However the marble draw grid for the opening race saw him
behind Wellington driver Dave 'The Boss' Stewart who made a lightning start.
Waite was quickly through to second but he just did not have enough to pass
the Metro Brick Holden. It was the first ever UDC V8 Ute category win for
Stewart and he was elated.  

Impressive debutant Rob 'Big Rig' Gibson of Taupo was third in his Betta
Auto Parts Falcon, an amazing performance considering he was having his
first UDC V8 Ute race and his first race on the demanding Hamilton circuit.

Chris Hanley won Sunday mornings race when it was red flagged after a big
accident at the chicane. Waite was working his way up the field when his
engine cut out and he went straight through the chicane. Geoff 'SOS' Spencer
followed but the TWL/The Barn Company Holden became airborne. It landed on
its left rear wheel and the car pivoted and snapped into the wall. Peter
'Rocketman' Robb of Wanganui got caught up in the carnage and also went into
the wall before cannoning across the track into the other wall.

The results were taken back a lap giving Hanley victory from Ward, Spencer,
Waite, Robb and 'Big Rig' Gibson.

Mike 'Buzz' Lightfoot became the third race winner of the weekend in the
final race. Waite only needed to finish to take the round but at the first
corner Stewart hit Lightfoot who in turn hit pole sitter Waite who emerged
dead last. The champion pitted before rejoining to finish 10th while Stewart
copped a time penalty. That left Lightfoot to enjoy the victory from Hanley
and another rookie, Brett Rudd of Manukau City, who took a fine third place
- his best result of the season. 'Dirty Dave' Kernohan of Turangi was fourth
ahead of son Jeff 'Ripples' Kernohan with another rookie Boyd 'Boydo'
Norwood of Palmerston North sixth.

It was a frantic weekend of UDC V8 Ute racing. Looking back at his latest
victory Waite said "it wasn't the way I wanted to win but the
Valvoline/Hydraulink Falcon had good pace." Waite will travel to Australia
later in the year to take up his prize for winning the New Zealand
Championship, the Chris Pither Scholarship - Powered By Ice Break Racing,
which will allow him to take part in a round of the Australian Championship.

Support for the V8 Ute category comes from UDC Finance, Armor All, Xtreme
Race Clutches, Nulon Oils, Radio Hauraki, Yokohama, Woodstock, BMC Air
Filters, SCT, EFILive, Holden, Ford,  Espresso Cafe, McEntee Event Hire and
The Gearbox Factory.

The "Scud" Wins Rookie of the Year

Picture: Lindsay Dodd V8 Ute Race Coordinator with Brett the "Scud" Rudd receiving the UDC V8 Ute 2012 Rookie of The Year Trophy.

After a action packed weekend in Taupo, The "Scud" completed his first ever racing season ion 11th position 4 points of 10th. This was an amazing effort considering right up until the second to last lap of the last race he was holding 10th spot, but unfortunately the left hand rear tyre hit the ripple strip and pulled the car slightly into a slide causing "ripples" kernohan to pass and take 10th spot overall.

Brett showed the crew and the spectators that he is not far of the pass with the top 5 and with a little experience under his belt now we should expect better results in the next season. The team has been talking about setting the goal at reaching the top 5, looking at his times on each track and now knowing what the tracks are all about, I think this goal is achievable. Lets see?

So what happens now the season has ended??? Well the HAMILTON ITM 400 April the 20th-22nd the streets of Hamilton will be listening to the rumbling sounds of V8s, and the "Scud" will be amongst it.

Message from the "Scud"

Thanks to all those who have followed my first season, I have learnt a huge amount and look forward to moving up the table next season. I appreciate all the support and great comments. Hope to see you all at Hamilton...

Round 5 and Rookie still in top 10

The presure was on at the latest round of the UDC NZ V8 Ute Championship, with all drivers pushing to secure top ten spots going into the last round at Taupo on the 09-11th March. 

  The Scud started his lap times in the middle of the pack during the first practice session and in the wet, but we know Brett is quick in the wet so it was all about the dry to see if we could gain a couple of positions. Brett improved by over 1sec in the qualifying lap times from practice but unfortunately so did the others and Brett was left in 12th after qualifying.

The two first races are marble draw and Brett drew 2nd for the first race and started strong holding off big challenges from the front runners in the championship. Brett finished a comfortable 7th and was happy with his efforts. Starting in race 2 in 11th it was going to be a hard task to get momenmtum as we found some issues with the car suspension. Finishing in 10th and gaining one spot in a very competitive race was a huge effort and a job well done.


So as the team came into the third race and finding some issues with the car handling it was all about holding position and waiting for others to make mistakes. The third race was full of action with some fantastic passing and battles all over the track. Brett managed to move up the feild early on and then issues with the car unfortunately had him drop back, although a very impressive drive.

Brett finished the 5th round in 10th position overall in the Championship and now with the last round looming, the team are looking to acheive their first season goal of finishing in the top 10. Fingers crossed and with the great crew of Blair and Gary Davie we believe this is possible.



The "Scud" starts on pole at Timaru

As the pressure started building from the great performance in Teretonga, Brett knew this track would be a lot harder to grips with, having no history of the track. With having time on the simulator for all other tracks, this was the only track that was not programmed in the simulator therefore Brett no chance to practice drive lines. All the other drivers had raced at Timaru more than once and all had their own thoughts of the track, so Brett being the genuine rookie had to learn quickly.

Posting practice session times at the end of the field the team started looking at getting Brett up to speed very quickly. Gary Davie the team’s driver technician went to all ends of the track to look at all the options, to learn what would be the best drive line, while Blair Davie the chief mechanic looked at the best car set up. This continued throughout the weekend and for the last race they believe they had it perfect.

Drawing Pole position on the first race was not what Brett was wanting, and Brett was feeling very nervous about the first race. Brett started with unfortunately a false start due to a new clutch set up and slightly creeping forward causing a 5 second penalty. Brett still went on to finish 7th but was relegated to 10th after the penalty. Brett also got into a tangle on the first corner with Dave Stewart ”The Boss” and managed to keep his cool and staying on the track.

With the second Race, Brett started 12th on the grid due to the reverse marble draw and managed to pick up one place leaving him 11th in race 2. In the third race Brett started 12th and managed to pick up a few positions finishing 9th this was a positive result for the team after a challenging weekend. The team heads to Manfield Raceway on the 10th of February for Round 5 of the UDC V8 Utes.

The photos are supplied by Geoff Ridder

The Scud showing he is on the pace

Media Release

January 18th 2012

UDC V8 Ute Series                             Feature   Brett The "Scud" Rudd

Well it was all on at UDC V8 Ute championship in Teretonga for the third round this past week end and the championship is becoming very exciting with the points closing between all drivers.

The weather was by far the worst conditions that any driver would like to compete in, and racing in rain, hail, heavy winds and even a couple of twisters the UDC V8 Utes were up for the challenge and presented three action packed races. One of the highlights was #99 Brett The "Scud" Rudd The new comer to the class, showing huge improvements and even getting a top five finish in the second race finishing 4th.

Brett has been steadily learning the car and trying to get grips of the tracks and race format, being his first ever racing experience this is normally a one or may be two meeting journey before mixing it with the top ten, although the CEO from Pallet Supplies Co Ltd based in Auckland has a different idea about that. In the first two rounds Brett finished in the lower section of the class as you would expect being new to any form of racing, but in the wet at Teretonga Brett unleashed a remarkable performance finishing 6th overall for round three.  

With Brett Qualifying 8th and ready for some improvement, Brett then went on to finish 8th in the first race, 4th in the second and 6th in the third. Brett also posted the third fastest lap times in two of the wet races, showing he has good pace in the wet. This weekend was an important result for Brett and the team as their clear goal was to make the top ten for the

season, and they are now in tenth spot and only a few of points behind 8th and 9th overall.

Other Drivers showing they are totally fine in the wet conditions were Peter “Kaos” Ward winning his first race on his eightieth start and Mike “Buzz” Lightfoot also winning his first race of the championship, these guys both drove well in the challenging conditions. Also an issue with a protest against James “Huggi” Urquhart in one of the races, James was able to overturn the decision regaining his points and ending the meeting in a respectable 7th position overall.

Results ended with Chris “Hammer Time” Hanley winning the round with Peter “Kaos” Ward and Mike “Buzz” Lightfoot in second and third. The next round will be held in Timaru next week 20-22th  of January.


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The Scud in Top Ten after two Rounds

The Scud started the weekend in great form only a second of the front runners practice times. Brett still learning the car and getting familiar with the whole racing seen looks to be improving every time he hops in the car.

There were some slight changes made to the car for the first race and one was raising the seat for Brett to have more visability. Brett took two seconds of his practice time in qualifying and was looking forward to starting in 7th position in race one.

Race One:

Brett started in 7th and held his place well, until a missfortunate gear change letting two cars through the inside. Then Brett had a clash with James "HUGGI " Urquhart causing Huggi to go into the pit lane to replace a tyre. Brett regathered momentum and went on to finish 9th, with a strong drive and the team happy with a top 10 finish. The race did become quite a spectacle with the front running drivers becoming very agressive and putting their machines on the line. Luckily Brett brought the car home with no major damage.

Race two:

Brett Started again in 7th position and was looking to improve on his 9th position. This race was a more classic race with all drivers driving with less agression and following each other and taking opportunities only when the gaps  had appeared.

Brett got squeezed out wide going into pot hole and lost a couple of places.

One again Brett kept the car in one peice and finished in 10th position.

Race Three:

Starting in 12th position, Brett "The Scud" Rudd wanted to finish the race in the top ten and with no damage. Unfortunately Brett got caught up with Graham Beirne early in the race and sent Graham off the track. A few laps later Brett suffered the same fate when Jeff Kernohan caught the back of Bretts car and sent him backwards in the same corner Beirne went off. Brett got back on but was unable to catch the field finishing 11th with Chris Hanley also going off and finishing behind Brett.

The car did have damage in the front right and the left rear, but Blair Davie and Gary Davie had the car back in shape and looking good before loading the car for Invercargill.

 Brett is currently 10th out of 15 drivers.....


All photos are supplied by Geoff Ridder


  NZ Chris Pither Takes out Australian Title








Pither takes out 2011 V8 Ute Series in wild Sydney Finale for Ice Break Racing 

 Reigning New Zealand V8 Ute Champion Chris Pither added another prestigious title to his impressive racing resume by winning the 2011 Auto One V8 Ute Series – protected by Armor All at Sydney’s Telstra 500 today (Sunday, 4th December).

The 24 year old Palmerston North native claimed the series win in Race 2 after rival Ryal Harris broke a front upright while leading the second race, and did not finish in the V.I.P. Petfoods Ford.

Mentored by Ice Break Racing’s Team Owner Darren Park, Pither has played the points game all year in a smart strategy that delivered him his 5th National series win, claiming two New Zealand HQ series, before taking two NZ V8 Ute crowns. At 16 years of age, Pither was the youngest ever driver to hold a racing licence in NZ, and won the prestigious Bruce McLaren scholarship which included a trip to the U.K to the McLaren factory.

“This is a great result for all the hard work Darren and the Ice Break team has put in. We did three engine changes over the weekend, and when we were back in 13th while Ryal was running away in Race 2,  I was starting to think it might all go pear shaped. This is a tough series to win, and I am very proud to have taken the trophy, especially with my long time NZ supporter Ash Cairns, who gave me my first break in HQ’s, watching on from pit lane.”

David Sieders wrapped up second in the Championship, with Harris finishing 3rd.

“We had the speed this year, but Sandown cost us dearly last round, so the Championship was always a tough ask. However to take the round win in front of our home crowd was a nice reward for the team, and to overtake Ryal for the runner up podium spot in the series was well deserved for the team.”

Harris was the fastest overall driver for the season, claiming the most race wins, however didn’t deliver the points consistency needed to take the title.

“Darwin and Sandown cost us dearly, and also a broken axle in Townsville, however the wins at Bathurst and the Gold Coast were very special and proved we had the fastest package. It was always a long shot coming into this round to take the title, and I would just like to thank Peter Burnitt, Cam, Joe, the Big Gun Team and V.I.P. Petfoods for giving me the opportunity.”

Perth’s Rhys McNally also starred this weekend, claiming a win in Race 2 with an extremely polished drive. McNally started on the front row alongside Charlie O’Brien, and led the field away, until Harris moved past mid race.  McNally regained the lead after Harris headed for pit lane, and was pushed hard by McConville and Sieders over the final laps. Sieders made the move on McConville for second, and then set after the 21 year old, closing in over the final two laps.  McNally held his nerve, and despite losing second gear on the last 4 corners, claimed his second race win. Sieders and McConville finished 2nd and 3rd, from Elsegood, Pither, Jane, Fisher, Hansford, Baxter and Gary Carson in the FG.

Reigning Champ Grant Johnson was black flagged mid race for a trailing bumper ending any chance of a series podium, along with Monster energy driver Nathan Pretty, while Rare Spares driver Kris Walton ended up in the wall after toughing it out with Andrew Fisher on lap 8.

Adam Macrow picked up the SS Inductions Hard Charger Award passing 15 utes in the Auto One Wildcard Holden.

Rain poured down just as Sieders and McNally lined up on the front row for the final, forcing officials to start the race under safety car. McNally, Pither, Fisher all speared down the escape road at Turn 1, while Sieders jumped to an early lead, however was another to be served up by the conditions later in the lap. Kim Jane locked up and hit Elsegood, while Carson, Johnson and Gomersall also paid the penalty in the downpour.

Officials declared the race due to the dangerous conditions, which gave Cameron McConville his second race win of the season, from Baxter, Sieders, Harris, Walton,
Gary MacDonald, Ben Kavich, Nandi Kiss, George Elliot and Charlie O’Brien.
Sieders, McConville and Pither rounded out the top 3 for the round.

Elliot’s top 8 backed up a great 13th in Race 2, and showed there was still plenty of caffeine left in the Vittoria Coffee backed veteran, the most senior driver in the field who claimed the Masters Award for the weekend.

Ryan Hansford in the Truckline Ford won the Rookie of the Year title from Jake McNally.

“I would like to acknowledge Rod Dawson, who has put his faith in my ability for a number of years, so it is great to reward Rod and the Truckline team with the Rookie title.”

Craig Dontas won the Champion Spark Plugs Hole Shot Award and $500 cash, and Andrew Fisher the Armor All Best Presented Award.

Round 8 of the 2011 Auto One V8 Ute Racing Series – protected by Armor All will be telecast on Saturday 17th December on 7Mate at 12 Noon – check local guides.

Below top ten results from Race 2


26 STRATCO Racing

Rhys McNally

Holden SS



 8 Australian Industrial Supplies 

David Sieders

Ford Falcon XR8



3 61 Bundaberg Racing 

Cameron McConville

 Holden SS   



11 Coopers Clear Racing

Jack Elsegood

 Ford Falcon XR8



42 Ice Break Racing

Chris Pither

 Holden SS



27 Bob Jane T-Marts

Kim Jane

 Holden SS 



9 Jesus Racing

Andrew Fisher

 Ford Falcon XR8



6 Truckline Racing 

Ryan Hansford

 Ford Falcon XR8



 3 Sage Automation / Roof Seal

Gary Baxter

Holden SS  



13 Go! Channel

Gary Carson

Ford Falcon XR8


Click here to download full results from Race 2

Below full results for Race 3


 61  Bundaberg Racing          

 Cameron McConville 

  Holden SS



3  Sage Automation / Roof Seal   

 Gary Baxter

  Holden SS



 8  Australian Industrial Supplies

 David Sieders

  Ford Falcon XR8           



58  VIP Petfoods  

 Ryal Harris

  Ford Falcon XR8    



68  Rare Spares       

 Kris Walton

  Ford Falcon XR8       



  45  Interior Logistics           

 Gary MacDonald

  Ford Falcon XR8  



23  Workhorse Truck Collision Repairs  

 Ben Kavich

  Ford Falcon XR8    



24  Eagle Pro Racing                   

 Nandi Kiss

  Holden SS



 55  Vittoria Coffee / DIC Australia

 George Elliot           

  Holden SS      



 15  Future Assist Group                   

 Charlie O'Brien

  Ford Falcon XR8        


 Click here to download full results from Race 3

See below top four results from the ENZED drivers championship


 Chris Pither 



 Ryal Harris



 David Sieders  



 Grant Johnson 



Above: ENZED Drivers Champion Chris Pither 


Above: Top three round winners left to right: Chris Pither, David Sieders, Cameron McConville


Above: Race 2 winner Rhys McNally in his STRATCo backed Holden preparred by Workhorse Collision Repairs team.

- Ends -

For more information please contact:
Erin Bain
SPHERIX category managers of Australian V8 Ute Racing
0434 314 475



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Address: Space 101, Level 1, Eastside, 232 Robina Town Centre Drive, Robina, Gold Coast, QLD, 4226 Australia
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Brett "The Scud" Rudd completes the first meeting

Brett "The Scud" Rudd  Started the weekend with a successful 9th qualifying time. The team were very happy making the top ten in qualifying as they new it was the first meeting and the lack of race experience would be apparent, although "The Scud" showed he was no mug and came through only a second of the fastest times. After qualifying the daunting first race for "The Scud" came with good conditions and a 6th position start, the team were confident that Brett would finish in the top ten and it was only if there would be any damage??? Well at the end of the first race there was not a scratch on the car and Brett came in in 8th position a huge effort and a job well done!!!


With Saturday complete the team were pleased to have a car in tip top condition and ready for race two, unfortunately the conditions were slowly deteriating, the team were hoping the conditions would at least stay dry but as the day progressed that was not tobe the case. Brett started the second race in 8th position and had a better start but being out wide let a couple slip through the inside and then a missed gear change at a crucial part letting another car capitalize on the position. Brett then drove very well finishing in 11th position.


 Brett "The Scud" showing hes giving it his all....

 The Third race with weather conditions very poor, Brett was looking to experience his first ever drive in the Holden in wet conditions, this is a scary thought for any racer.... Brett with a clear head just thought to stay out of trouble and finish the race, which he did completing the race in 11th and once again no damage. The race was called after 5 or so laps due to another competitor hitting a barrier and the officials thought with the time of repairing the barrier and the fact that there would be no passing under the safety car, there would be no change to the result.


 Showing the conditions of the third race...

 So overall a great start for the season with Brett "The Scud" completing the meeting with no damage and a end result of 11th. The focus is now on Christchurch for round to at Ruapuna Raceway.


 Pallet Supplies Racing pit bay.



PSR Team Launch 28th Nov

Wow what a night, for the team and the special 100 invited guests.

The night was a huge success as the speeches came to an end the cover was then removed from the car, showing all the guests what they had all come to see.

  Rob explaining to the guests about Brett's racing history...whats funny guys???

Maybe its the part about Brett having the lap record at Rainbows End a number of years ago???



  The CarThe night then carried on to the we hours, and a good night was had by all. The new purpose built trailer was also on display and boy is that impressive or what!! well done to Freddo and Nick from Mornett Engineering...

 Thanks to all those who helped and attended..

Media Release 16.10.11

Rookie in at the deep end in UDC V8 Utes

Photo: Lobb V8 Ute
Brett 'The Skud' Rudd is about to jump in at the deep end! Rudd will be right in the thick of the action when the opening round of the UDC V8 Ute Championship gets underway at Pukekohe Park Raceway, south of Auckland from 4-6 November. Rudd, of Manukau City in Auckland, did a couple of years karting in the Rotax class at club level four or five years ago and that is the extent of his motorsport experience. However he laughs as he quickly adds that he can claim a lap record in the karts at the Manukau City theme park, Rainbows End.


However Rudd has always maintained an interest in motorsport and when he visited Hamilton for last years Hamilton 400 V8 Supercar event he saw the V8 Utes and decided that was the category he wanted to be in. "It's exciting and they look like a good bunch of guys in the series. I am a V8 Holden man from way back and I have managed to assemble a good team of guys around me including my cousin and my brother-in-law. I'm not mechanically inclined but my cousin has worked in Indycar and my brother-in-law is an ex-midget car champion. The General Manager from my business has agreed to manage the team. He is doing a great job and we are ready to go."


Looking ahead to the season Rudd says, he would like to finish in the top half of the field. "I am a genuine rookie. I want to stay out of trouble, get into the top half of the field and maybe get a podium. Pukekohe, a place where he has done a few laps in the past, is likely to be his favourite circuit as every other track in the series will be completely new to him.


One thing in his favour is that he has an extremely good ute at his disposal, the ex Caine Lobb Holden which won the championship in 2008/2009. Lobb has moved on from the category after four very successful seasons and the Holden was the perfect fit for Holden fan Rudd.


'The Skud' is looking forward to the season. "I've done a bit of motorbike riding and anything I jump into I seem able to handle it. In testing at Pukekohe I haven't been too far away from last seasons lap times." Rudds leap into the series with little experience is not without precedent. Several other drivers, such as Mike Lightfoot and Geoff Spencer plus father and son team David and Jeff Kernohan, commenced their circuit racing in V8 Utes and all have been quite successful. The format of the category which promotes closely matched machinery plus marble draw and reverse grids allows newcomers to quickly make an impression.


Rudd has assembled a strong group of sponsors for his debut season with support from Rosvall ITM, Pallet Supplies, Loscam, SG Equipment Ltd, Eurocorp, Apco Paints, Mark Cromie Holden and Botany Collision Repairs Ltd.


The UDC V8 Ute Championship will get underway at Pukekohe Park Raceway over the weekend of 4-6 November and will then travel the length and breadth of the country over the summer months.

Media: Lindsay Beer 16th Oct 11

Last Practice before 1st meeting


 The Scud

Brett getting ready to hit the track for the last practice before the first race meeting on the 5th of November. Brett has been consistent with practice times and is looking to start the first season in less than a month.

The car is strong and the team are ready, thanks to all the support coming in and all those who took the time to come and watch the practices...we really appreciate it.

 See you all at Pukekohe Raceway on the 5th November......


Practice at Taupo Raceway 05th Oct

Testing day at Taupo went well, with Brett learning the corners and technical parts of the track. Mike E was available again and helped by giving pointers to Brett. Thanks Mike.

 Only a month away from round one... we are booked in for one more practice at Pukekohe on the 16th October... Then Raceday..

 Thanks to all those who have helped.


The Scuds New Helmet...


Great work Brad Mosen, the helmet looks great.





Practice at Pukekohe Raceway 24th Sept

Practice at Pukekohe went well with Brett getting the hang of the car. With Mark Cromie available for the day really helped the team understanding more about the car. The car is very strong and looks very competitive. We left the session very pleased with the days performance... Brett improved all day and left with a strong performance...

Next practice Taupo 5th Oct

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